With mother nature once again turning on a 4pm thunderstorm on a Saturday afternoon, Geelong’s Avalon Raceway was left with no option but to cancel last night’s Fireball Derby Sprintcar event. Warm and humid for most of the day, the Avalon pits were full of Sprintcars and Super Rods when the heaven’s opened and eventually washed the meeting away.

From the six events scheduled so far this season only two have been completed with the other four washed out. Key events including last night’s Fireball Derby and October’s Sprintcar Jackpot Invitational have put a major dent in the season thus far.

“What can you do about the weather,” questioned Avalon’s Jeff Drew.

“It’s another disappointing start to another speedway season. Last year was just as bad and we can only hope that things can turnaround on Boxing Day.”

Avalon Raceway wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and looks forward to their next event on December 26th when the Eureka Sprintcars return to contest the annual Gold Cup.

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