Modified Production Sedan supremo Ash Parkinson withstood a late race challenge from state champ Mark Carlin to win the 35th West Coast Classic last night at Geelong’s Avalon Raceway. The 25 lap final went nonstop as did the AMCA Nationals final that saw Darren Hossack claim the popular win while Tony Moule also visited victory lane in the V8 Dirt Modifieds.
Modified Production Sedans
Ht1. Darren Cockerill, Mark Carlin, Ash Parkinson
Ht2. Mark Carlin, Ash Parkinson, Ty Galley
Final. Ash Parkinson, Mark Carlin, Russell Felsovary
AMCA Nationals
Ht1. Peter Hickford, Jamie Collins, Steve Lodwick
Ht2. Darren Hossack, Darren Nelson, Brendan Jarvis
Ht3. Mick Jackson, Steve Lodwick, Jamie Collins
Ht4. Darren Hossack, Brendan Jarvis, Darren Nelson
Ht5. Darren Hossack, Steve Lodwick, Peter Hickford
Ht6. Jamie Collins, Brendan Jarvis, Ashlee Harris
Final. Darren Hossack, Steve Lodwick, Jamie Collins
V8 Dirt Modifieds
Ht1. Tony Moule, Mick Kiraly, Andrew Katz
Ht2. Steve Milthorpe, Paul Tindal, Dave May
Final. Tony Moule, Steve Milthorpe, Dave May
Next Event; Saturday January 19 – G-Town Speedcar Rumble
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