Robbie Farr has a reputatio

Robbie Farr at speed in the ECP sprintcar

n of being a media savvy racer and he proved that point again today at Avalon Raceway before tomorrow night’s season-opening Sprintcar Jackpot.
Most folks would initially believe Farr got a break on his rivals with track time on the Avalon oval, but it was in 30 degree heat aboard the East Coast Pipeline two seater sprinter taking members of the media and sponsors on memorable five lap rides.
The race track had not been graded and watered to race meeting specifications, so it was hot and dusty work for Farr and his ECP crew.
There wasn’t a passenger to be found who didn’t look a little pale as they lined up in flameproof uniform and helmet, but when Farr fairly flew around the track with the tail of the two seater scraping the wall, they changed colour entirely.
“This is a fabulous way to introduce the media and sponsors to our sport and I can’t thank Robbie and his team enough for their contribution today,” said Avalon spokesman Jeff Drew.
Things become a little more serious at Avalon on Saturday night when Farr, James McFadden, Steven Lines, Jamie Veal, Daniel Pestka, Shaun Dobson, Darren Mollenoyux and Johnny Vogels clash in the $10.000 to win Sprintcar Jackpot.
The meeting begins with 32 drivers competing in two 25 lap qualifying races.
Two semi finals will then be held with the first six from each event going into a one lap qualifying lap against the clock from which the fast 10 transfer to the 12 lap Jackpot.
The race is unique in Australian speedway and should have the big crowd rockin’ and rollin’ at Geelong’s place for pace.
Showtime is 7.00 p.m. while gates open hours earlier with adult admission $30, juniors 13-16 $10 and those 12 and under free.
Bring it on!