It takes a good driver to beat Jamie Veal this season and regrettably nobody challenged him in tonight’s 30 lap Gold Cup tonight at Avalon Raceway.
Jamie topped the scoreboard before the main event and naturally won pole position for the Gold Cup.
They dropped the green and Veal was long gone riding the outside groove clear of Tim Van Ginniken, Glen Sutherland, Eddie Lumbar and Brett Milburn who spun on the opening circle.
Eddie flipped when Milburn spun but he wasn’t alone.
A few laps later Corey McCullough got upside down that he didn’t need after trying unsuccessfully to knock down Warrnambool’s safety wall last weekend.
Veal aside, the real interest in the Gold Cup was dominated by Jye O’Keefe, Brad Warren, Daniel Pestka and Sydney racer Ian Loudoun.
They raced side by side with Warren’s third placing quite remarkable considering he came from the B main and the back of the Gold Cup field.
Veal was just too good and won as he pleased from Tim Van Ginniken, Warren and Pestka.
The racer was a ripper and preceded by a great modified production car Christmas Cup won by fast moving Brenton Mills who beat Ash Parkinson and Justin Drew.
Sprintcar racing returns to Avalon Raceway on Tuesday night next when Jamie Veal lines up against Steven Lines, David Murcott, Brooke Tatnell and American Kyle Hirst in the Word Series Speedweek meeting.
Racing starts at 7.00 p.m. so be there!