Lara speed man Andy Hibbert is fed up with minor problems and obstacles and plans to break through for a win in the Geelong Wingless National at Avalon Raceway this Saturday evening.

Hibbert was well on the way to turning back his run of outs at Portland recently when he started 16 in the main event and zoomed into ninth after only three laps.

He recorded the fastest lap of the race on lap eight and seemed headed towards the front of the pack when something broke and he coasted to a stop.

Kane Newcombe (pictured running the outside on Daniel Beard) led the pack to the flag and he too would like some hardware from the Geelong action arena this weekend.

According to wingless executive Troy Small a stellar entry list of 50 cars will challenge the National on Saturday.

“Many of the racers we thought would dominate this summer have not enjoyed the best of seasons so far, but we’ve got a long way to go,” Troy reasoned.

Ballarat boy Sam Wren sparkled throughout the last competitive season, but he’s the first to admit the competition is tougher and faster at present.

Premiership honours have been shared by Wren, Daniel Storer and Kane Newcombe and Wren would love to be a repeat offender this weekend.

Hibbert has been ever so close and would like to sample both reward and reality at Avalon Raceway on Saturday.