Last summer there was hardly driver who could hold a candle to South Australian Steven Lines at Avalon Raceway.

Or anywhere else for that matter.

Every time a race was scheduled he made the trek from his home base at Mount Gambier, breeze through the fields and escape with the bulk of the prize money.

He dominated everywhere, including the World Series premiership and collected the title in Western Australia.

From a season where second place usually meant failure, Lines (pictured) has played a minor part in the summer run which ends at Avalon on Friday night.

He has watched Victorian racer Jamie Veal win with monotonous regularity all over Australia, but the time of reckoning could be only a few days away.

Veal and premiership leader Daniel Pestka will put on their gloves for a $20.000 premiership slugfest at Avalon on Good Friday night, but it doesn’t stop there.

With a new Harley Davidson also on the line and a potential $10.000 bonus cheque for a hat trick on the weekend, Lines intends going for broke.

With over 50 drivers nominated to qualify for the 18 starting positions in the 30 lap final, one slip could mean the difference between surviving and making the final.

Race fans will see the season wrap up with an action packed Demolition Derby and the K-Rock fireworks spectacular.