The Combined Waste invitational Jackpot is set to go this Saturday night Australia’s most unique Sprintcar race see only eligible drivers from last season who have won a heat or main event invited to compete and also a number of wildcard entries. Once sorted the field is split into 2 25 lap qualifying events where drivers move through to semi mains, a non qualifiers event then it come down to 12 cars who will time trail to select the final 10 who race for $10,000 to win.


Entries                                                                    Wildcards

David Murcott                                                       Brett Milburn

Steven Lines                                                          Darren Mollenoyox

Jamie Veal                                                             Harley Bishop

John Vogels                                                            Kris Lacey

Brad Keller                                                             Kristy Ellis

Daniel Pestka                                                         Ryan Jones

Ian Loudoun                                                         Jamie Hennessey

Adam King

Eddie Lumber

Michael Cunningham

Peter Milnes

Tim Van Ginneken

Andy Caruana

David Mckay

Dennis Jones

Glen Sutherland

Jye Okeefe

Nick Lacey

Tim Hutchins

Peter Doukas

James McFadden

Quentin Tanner

Shaun Dobson

Daniel Harding

Tim Rankin