Avalon Raceway hosted the longest running Modified Production Race in Victoria on Saturday night, the 2016 Routleys West Coast Classic with the Bruce Riddiford Cup for Street Stocks and AMCA’s in support.

With a full race card and double duties for a couple of drivers, the Street Stocks fire into action with the first 3 heats. 37 Daryl Atkinson takes the win from 117 Mark Jennings ad 63 Darren Paisley. Heats 2 and its 15 Kye Walters from 41 Darren Forrest and 59 Chris Suiter. Heat 3 Sees 36 Stu Robinson in a tough battle from 10 Daniel Barton and 8 Peter Bryant. AMCA’s roll out and 20 Matt Mills looks fast early from 13 Bill Lodwick and 22 Grant Cullinger. Heat 2, 34 Jamie Collins from 88 Chris Halesworth and 93 Dean Heseltine.

Heat 1 of the WestCoast Classic begins and 5 Ash Parkinson is on a mission early from Aus1 Mark Carlin and a hard charging 13 Russel Bent. Heat 2 and 36 Brock Atkins leads from start to finish with 14 Brenton Mills and 11 Darren Cockerill in for third.

Street Stocks are out again and in heat 4 its Carlin from Jennings and 11 Ricky Stewart. Heat 5 its Walters from Suiter then Forrest. Heat 6 sees 83 David Barrie from Robinson and 57 Troy Hose.

AMCA’s heat 4 goes to Cullinger, Matt Mills and 17 Jamie Mills. Heat 5 its Collins with a new 8 lap record of 2.12.98 from 84 Keenan Casey and Heseltine.

Moddie Prods heat 3 goes to Parkinson, Bent and Walters. Heat 4 belongs to Cockerill, Mills and 32 Brody Cristie. Street Stocks are back out for the last chance to score points with Jennings looking very settled in front of Atkinson and 21 Nick Hill. Heat 8 goes to Forrest, Suiter and Walters. Heat 9 gives us the move of the night with Barrie going around the outside of Robinson to take the win with 17 Robert Tinworth in for 3rd.

The AMCA’s start the mains and Jamie Collins ends the night with a clean sweep and a new 15 lap record of 4.03.12. Grant Cullinger is in for second and Dean Heseltine for 3rd.

The field for the Routleys WestCoast Classic for 2016 presents to the crowd and straightaway we see the efforts of the track crew with a fast and wide race track. Ash Parkinson continues on from his efforts in the heats and is driving the wheels off the number 5. Darren Cockerill is in hot pursuit with Russel Bent close behind and this is how the race finishes. Parkinson from Cockerill and Bent.

The Bruce Riddiford Cup for Street Stocks gives us 20 cars, 20 laps in one direction then 20 laps the other direction. The first 20 gives us classic door scraping action, with double duty driver Kye Walters car blowing a power steering pump and catching fire during the change of direction. The second 20 laps start and the race has a completely different feel.

After a great battle between Jennings and Barrie, Jennings takes the win with Forrest in for a hard fought 3rd. The race is a fitting tribute to Bruce Riddiford with a new 20 lap record of 5.28.21 to put in the record books.

Our next race will be on the 5th of March for the Great Southern Showdown for Sprintcars with Super Sedans in support.


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