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Milburn Tightens Grip on Eureka Garages & Sheds Series Crown.

By Ian Vale

Brett Milburn has tightened his grip on the 2015-2016 Eureka Garages and Sheds Sprintcar Series Crown after taking a convincing win in round eleven of the Series at Avalon Raceway last night in front of a healthy crowd and the Series Sponsors.

The night looked good right from the outset for Milburn when he drew a front row start in his first heat race that he converted to a win then added a fourth place in his next heat race that was enough to give third highest points going into the top six shootout for the Eureka Garages & Sheds A Main starting positions.

Still Milburn had some stiff competition with a few new face at the top of the points table after the heat races were won and done, Top the points scorer was the V67 driver Luke Walker with Brad Warren second on points, the excitement machine Ryan Davis was fourth from both Shaun Dobson and Darren Mollenoyux who were equal on points but separated by the their best heat lap times.

With the Shootout over the front row of the Eureka Main event would see Shaun Dobson in pole position and Brett Milburn from position two, row two was Darren Mollenoyux and Luke Walker, row three had Ryan Davis and Brad Warren followed by the other automatic qualifiers, David Mackay, Dennis Jones, Domain Ramsay, Ian Loudoun, Glen Sutherland and Adam King. The six drivers that transferred to the rear of the A Main from the B Main were Daniel Pestka, Jye Okeeffe, Rod Matthews, Brock Hallett, John Vogels and Jamie Hennessy.

When the Green flag dropped for the Eureka Garages and Sheds A Main Milburn wasted no time to snatch the lead from Dobson, a lead that he would hold for the entire duration of the race but it would not come too easy with three caution periods that would give Milburn’s competitors the chance to deny him the feature race win.  While Dobson was keeping in striking distance of Milburn he also had Walker, Mollenoyux and Warren to keep him honest.

One third race distance and Walker was out after contact between himself and Mollenoyux, the stewards deemed that Mollenoyux was the primary cause for the incident that would see him sent to the rear of the field for the restart.

Under way once more and the order was now Milburn from Dobson and the fast moving Warren,  Davis and the man in a hurry John Vogels who had made up twelve positions from his starting spot to be in fifth place. Rounding out the running order at half race distance was now Jones in sixth place followed by Pestka, Loudoun, Sutherland, Okeeffe, Ramsay, Mollenoyux, Hallett and Matthews.

As the laps wound down the pace was fast with all car still on the lead lap, while Milburn continued to lead with a comfortable margin Mollenoyux was working hard to move pack through the field but would run out of laps to advance any further

than tenth place when the chequered flag fell for Milburn to capture his second Eureka Garages & Sheds Series round feature win for this season, Dobson put in a strong drive to take second place ahead of a very happy Brad Warren in third.

Ryan Davis put in one of his best performance of the season to take fourth place from John Vogels in fifth place who also passed the most cars in the feature, Dennis Jones took sixth from Daniel Pestka, Ian Loudoun, Glen Sutherland and Darren Mollenoyux rounding out the top ten. Other finishers in order were Jye Okeeffe, Domain Ramsay, Brock Hallett and Rod Matthews.

The heat wins on the night went to Darren Mollenoyux, Adam King, Glen Sutherland, Brett Milburn, David McKay, Brad Warren, Luke Walker and Dennis Jones.

The C Main transferring drivers to the B Main were Michael Cunningham, Chris Campbell, Harley Bishop and Jacob Smith.

The top six finishers in the B Main that would advance to the back of the A Main were Daniel Pestka, Jye Okeeffe, Rod Matthews, Brock Hallett, John Vogels and Jamie Hennessy.


The penultimate round of the 2015-2016 Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series heads to Premier Speedway next Sunday night the 13th of March for another $5000 to win feature race.


(Due to the SCCA 360 Sprintcar Championships being run at Mt Gambier next Friday and Saturday night Round 12 of the Eureka Series is on the Sunday night the 13th) and this event has some big names entered already.


Eureka Garages and Sheds Series nightly contingency awards:
HOOSIER TIRE AUSTRALIA – 11th Place in the A Main at Each round.

11th place – V42 Jye Okeeffe

D&F RACING PRODUCTS – Hard luck of the night – V16 Kris Lacey
STEELPIPES PTY LTD – 1st competitor not to transfer from B to A-Main –

T7 Tim Hutchins.


End of Series awards:


Eureka Garages & Sheds major sponsor of the Series overall prize money Poole.

KTM Top Ten Motorbike award – Random draw at the Presentation Dinner.

Camden Neon Signs – sponsors of the Series Prize Poole.

Hoosier Tire Australia – sponsors of the Series Prize Poole.

Essendon Ford Trip to Port Douglas award – for drivers finishing between 11th and 20th place in the Series. Random draw at the Presentation Dinner.

METRIC MEN – End of Series most heat wins –

(Overall) V68 Brett Milburn (7 wins).

ESSENDON MITSUBISHI – most cars passed in A-Main on the night,

V70 John Vogels (12 Cars)

(End of series award) cars passed overall – V67 Luke Walker. (25 cars each)

ELIMINATOR RACE WINGS – for the driver that transfers the most from the B Main to the A Main events the most. Overall, V17 Dennis Jones, V42 Jye Okeeffe,

V67 Luke Walker. (4 Times)

(In the event of a tie the driver with the most points in the Series wins)

PARR MOTORSPORTS –Drivers Driver award as voted on by the drivers in the Series.


Eureka Garages and Sheds Series – KTM Top 10:

1st – Brett Milburn – 3807
2nd – Corey McCullagh – 3067
3rd – Darren Mollenoyux – 2974
4th – Jye Okeeffe – 2864

5th – Shaun Dobson – 2785

6th – Adam King – 2753

7th – Glen Sutherland – 2680
8th – Dennis Jones – 2418
9th – Luke Walker – 2369
10th – John Vogels -2365



Essendon Ford – Trip to Port Douglas

(End of Series random draw between 11th & 20th place)

11th – Daniel Pestka – 2161

12th – Jacob Smith – 2161

13th – Tim Hutchins – 2158

14th – Ian Loudoun – 2091

15th – Jordyn Charge – 1926

16th – Kristy Ellis – 1925

17th – Nick Lacey – 1917

18th – Peter Milnes – 1912

19th – Eddie Lumbar – 1880

20th – David McKay – 1851


The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thank the following

Eureka Garages and Sheds Sprintcar Series & Season sponsors:


Eureka Garages & Sheds                       www.eurekagarages.com.au

KTM Australia                                        www.ktm.com

Essendon Ford                                        www.essendonford.com.au

Hoosier Tires Australia                          www.mdmotorsport.com.au

Camden Signage & Building Services   www.camdenneon.com.au

Essendon Mitsubishi                              www.essendonmitsubishi.com.au

Steelpipes Pty Ltd                                 www.steelpipes.com.au

The Metric Men                                     www.themetricmen.com.au

Eliminator Race Wings                           www.crossmotorsport.com

Parr Motorsports                                      www.parrmotorsports.com

Sprintcarworld                                       www.sprintcarworld.com.au

Corey Gibson photography                    www.gibsonphotography.com.au

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