By Peter Green

The 2016/17 Doug Drew memorial was again a huge success.
Hosted by Avalon Speedway Kart Club and the Australian Speedway Museum and Hall of Fame.
78 competitors competed over a total of 9 classes.

Juniors, as always were the highlight with some close racing and lots of big smiles.

We were missing our mate Liam Parr as a competitor as he continues his battle in the Royal Children’s Hospital however we didn’t  however we didn’t forget him as all competitor signed a Huge Get Well Card and raised some funds to help him in is battle.


4 Stroke – Sub Junior
13. Bailey Bennett
3. Caleb Langdon
51. Finn

4 Stroke – Junior
18. Jack Leigh
88. Brock Bohdal
35. Thomas Fox
6. Jordy Langdon

4 Stroke – Open
40. Marcus Green
20. Terry Brady
96. Allan Cullinger SNR

Skaa – Sub Junior
72. Lochie Hosie
104. Kobie Bristow
93. Charlie Bristow

Skaa – Junior
37. Tyler Scott
89. Chris Temby
111. Danny Smith

Skaa – Junior Standards
83. Jordon Abbott
3. Chris Temby
28. Riley Amato
22. Alisha Feilder

Skaa – Standards
94. Amber Ghent
7. James McDonald
111. Kieran Swanson

Skaa – Modified
23. Jason Loft
9. Donovan Meaney
7. James McDonald

Skaa – Outlaws
4. Michael Van Ginneken
23. Jason Loft
41. Clint Purdie

Congratulations to all the winners as well as to all who the driver who took part.