Avalon Raceway crowned a new President on Wednesday night as American speed ace Carson Macedo raced to victory in the 36th running of the President Cup thanks to Essendon Ford.

‘It all starts here’ was the theme of the night as a packed house cheered the star-studded list of drivers and teams. With a real Australia verses America feel for the night, Robbie Farr set the first benchmark with Quick Time in the time trials with the USA’s Terry Mc Carl showing what he could do in group two. James Mc Fadden topped group one and the crowd new from that point we where in for a real showdown.

The heats are done and with plenty of room around the top of the track, passing has been a highlight of the night. In the B main Steve Lines drives from 11th to the lead, with Tim Hutchens, Glen Sutherland and a lucky Domain Ramsey in for the transfer positions.

With the sound of fireworks still in the air, the Essendon Ford Presidents Cup grid rolls out and we get set to crown a champion for 2017. A shock withdrawal is USA1 Dominic Scelzi, coming out of position two, he pulls infield with frontend issues. After a four wide salute to the fans we go green. The pace is fast and the track is wide. James McFadden is battling with Brett Milburn, who takes the lead for a short time, chased by Darren Mollenoyux, Brett Milburn, Carson Macedo, Jamie Veal and Robbie Farr.

After a closing run of 20 laps, Macedo goes around the outside of McFadden in corner 4 and steals the lead away. Its Macedo, McFadden and Farr for the podium.

Avalon Raceway would like to thank everyone that took part and wish them well as we head into a very busy week of speedway action.


Our next event is the 28th of January.

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