Avalon Raceway. UPDATE!!
We are racing this Saturday with Super Rods, AMCA’s and now SPEEEDCARS……with more to come. As a back to school special, for this week only, kids under 16 are FREE!! Here are the nominations.
Be There!!

V0 Grant Patton
V4 Luke Ferguson
V8 Brad Day
V12 Justin McMinn
V15 Andy Pearce
V17 Mitch Whiting
V25 Matt Papa
V44 Stuart Ferguson
V55 Toby Smith
V59 Ashley Booker
V71 Domain Ramsey
V88 Craig Smith
V96 Keith Astrella

Vic 1 Jamie Collins
Vic 2 Greg Firmin
Vic 4 Sharon Tindal
Vic 10 Allan Cullinger
Vic 12 Jimmy Harris
Vic 13 Bill Lodwick
Vic 17 Jamie Mills
Vic 19 Kent Davey
Vic 20 Matt Mills
Vic 26 Davis Wick
Vic 28 Paul Sullivan
Vic 55 Grant Cullinger
Vic 64 Darren Hossack
Vic 77 Robyn Cullinger
Vic 84 Keenan Casey
Vic 93 Dean Heseltine

Super Rods
S 9 Darryl Nelson
G 10 Allan Pitcher
M 11 Robert Richardson
W 21 Troy Gleeson
Rd22 Corey Degliatis
G 39 Craig Devlin
W 55 Michael Coad
L 56 Neville Gange
S 63 Shawn Duynhoven
S 66 Sally Woolstencroft
G 69 Geoff Long
W 84 Paul Verhoeven
M 85 Paul Singleton
W 88 Howard Stansfield
W 98 Ewan McKenzie