Super Rods, F500, AMCA’s and Speedcars filled the bill and gave the crowd plenty of thrills and spills. Kids under 16 where free for the Back To School Specie and plenty showed up to cheer the drivers on.
The F500’s final of 20 laps gave us close racing with V70 Mathew Symons coming from position 11 to take 3rd with SA12 Jordan Mansell in for second and V78 Steve Jabke with the win.
The Speedcars final is intense with V0 Grant Patton hitting the wall and V59 Ashleigh Booker flipping. V25 Matt Papa has been in everything the whole night and makes the podium in 3rd, V22 Joe Lostitch holds onto 2nd with V12 Justin McMinn in the top spot.
Super Rods roll out and w55 Michael Coad jumps out to a lead and is not matched for speed taking the win, W21 Troy Gleeson in for 2nd and W98 Ewan McKenzie for 3rd.
The AMCA’s end the night with a 16 car field and lots of excitement. With racing completed it’s V93 Dean Heseltine getting over V1 Jamie Collins with hard charging v55 Grant Cullinger in for 3rd.
Our next race is Feb 11 with the West Coast Classis for Mod Prods and The Bruce Riddiford Classic for Street Stocks.
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