Avalon Raceway opens its gates this weekend for the annual Practice Day, Saturday  the 23rd of September.

With just over 2 weeks until the start of the Avalon Raceway season, its a great chance for race teams to get track time and for the speedway fan to get a taste of whats on offer in the coming season.

Gates will open at 9am with free entry for the general public via the main entrance Melbourne side, the main straight kiosk will be open with the world famous hot chips and gravy, plenty of Routleys goodies and hot coffee on offer.

All classes are welcome, check with your association to see if special arrangements have been made.

Scrutineering will be from 12 noon with vehicles hitting the track from 2 – 7pm.

Cost will be $110 per driver. Drivers must be Speedway Australia Licensed and present log book and full safety equipment. Drivers are to comply with drug and alcohol standards. Vehicle is to be compliant with Speedway Australia standards.

Ambulance Vic will be in attendance, as will St Johns first aid and fire crew.

Be There!!

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