The best drivers from around Australia and visiting Americans converged on Avalon Raceway for the Presidents Cup thanks to The Gordon.

The 25 lap main event delivered drama and excitement that gave credit to the 37 year history of the event. It started on the first lap as Nick Lacey crashed over the start line. With a full restart James McFadden jumped to the lead with Robbie Farr close behind and Terry Mc Carl in tow. Jye Okeffe and last years winner Carson Macedo are out with 9 laps to go in spectacular style as Macedo drives on two wheels and hits the infield barrier. At the restart James McFadden goes out hard and builds a 1/4 lap lead and has one hand on the $10,000 prize. Then on the white flag lap, McFadden runs into a failing Darren Mollenoyux and is forced to restart at the back of the bunch. Robbie Farr takes the lead for a green, white, checkers and in spectacular style he is passed on the last lap by a charging Terry McCarl only to regain the lead as the checkered flag falls, current Avalon Raceway track championship points leader Corey McCallagh is in for third. The big crowd was shows their appreciation for a truely great race.

Winners from the C and B main where Tim Hutchins and Glen Sutherland progressing from the C-main and Brock Hallet, Nike Lacey, Grant Anderson and Tim Kaeding progressing from the B-main.

The Street Stocks run 20 laps for Routleys with Leigh Gooding from Chris Suiter and Brad McClure with plenty of three wide passing and paint trading.

Our next event is February 17th.

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Credit to Robert Lake for the photography.