With numbers exceeding expectations, the final nominations have been posted.

A big thank you to Dave and the team at Camden Signage & Building Services for their continued support of the Easter Trail. We would also like to acknowledge the staff and volunteers from all 3 tracks involved with the Easter Trail. These tireless people make sure this is one of the best travelling weekends of the season, from Avalon Raceway Lara to Borderline Speedway Mt Gambier and Premier Speedway Warrnambool.


Here are the nominations



Car No.



Ramsay Domain V2 Yes
Dobson Shaun V3 Yes
Walker Lisa S4 Yes
Hutchins Tim T7 Yes
Solomon Paul V7 Yes
Daly Bobby V8 Yes
Matthews Rod V9 Yes
Ellis Kristy V12 Yes
Carlin Mark VA12 Yes

Pryde Jason W14 Yes
Jones Dennis V17 Yes
McFadden James W17 Yes

Sutherland Glen S20 Yes
Goodyer Jock T22 Yes
Rankin Terry V22 Yes

Pestka Daniel S27 Yes
Sullivan Brett S28 Yes
Hughes Andrew V28 Yes
Tancredi Michael V29 Yes
Gartner Ben S32 Yes
Spark Stephen V32 Yes
Farrer Brenten V34 Yes
Veal Jamie V35 Yes
Lumbar Eddie N36 Yes
Kelly Terry S37 Yes
Anderson Grant V37 Yes
Woolstencroft Jarrod V38 Yes
McInerney Chris N40 Yes
Hickman Rusty V40 Yes
Cottrell Adrian S41 Yes
O’Keeffe Jye V42 Yes

Tranter Jake S45 Yes
Van Bremen Mike V45 Yes
Galiford Stacey N46 Yes
Dumesny Marcus N47 Yes
King Adam V48 Yes
Nicholas Robert VA51 Yes
Mollenoyux Darren V52 Yes
Attard Jessie N53 Yes
McLeod Gerogia VA55 Yes
Dumesny Matt N57 Yes

Burleigh Rhiannon V58 Yes
Charge Jordyn V60 Yes

Walker Luke V67 Yes
Milburn Brett V68 Yes
Vogels John V70 Yes
Smith Jake V72 Yes
Taylor Stephen 74N Yes
Hart Damien 75NS Yes
Donegan David VA75 Yes
Parr Brayden V77 Yes
Campbell Chris V78 Yes

Murcott David V88 Yes
Stansfield Grant VA88 Yes
McCullagh Corey V90 Yes

Davis Ryan V95 Yes
Egel Matt S97 Yes
Doukas Peter V98 Yes