Avalon Raceway hosted over 100 vehicles for this years ‘HellOnWheels’ Halloween event on October 27th.

A top night of racing followed the ‘Trick or Treat’ pit walk and fancy dress parade. With colour and excitement off and on the track , families where delivered a full feast of speedway action. A big thank you to all the teams and drivers who got involved and made it a special night for all the little and big speedway fans.

Podiums for the night where,

Wingless – Salt Electrical

  1. Dayn Bentvelsen V32
  2. Luke Weel VX50
  3. Geoff Cook V95


  1. Travis Mills V10
  2. Nick Parker V39
  3. Todd Wigzell S88
  4. Justin McMinn V12

Street Stocks

  1. Darren Forrest RDL41
  2. Mick Clark B48
  3. Corey Knox RDL67
  4. Dylan Campton AX81

Mod Prods

  1. Kye Walters RDL46
  2. John Benson CR4
  3. Darren Cockerill RDL11
  4. Matt Gerlach AV14