37th running of the Krock Cup Super Sedans at Avalon Raceway, a night to remember.

Over 20 Super Sedan teams converged onto Avalon Raceway Saturday to compete for the prestigious Krock Cup.

Victorias best drivers where joined by teams from Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.The heats where a spectacle of 2 wide racing as the big V8’s entertained the large crowd.

Last years winner Ryan Alexander defence of his hard fought win in 2018 ended with an engine failure as did Jamie Collins in the V34.

In the final we saw one of the largest crashes of the season with the V71 of Lionel West flipping in corner 3 several times, Lionel was able walk away from the crash.

The side by side action continued from the front runners to the cheers of the crowd, in the end the Krock Cup for 2019 was won by the V3 Mick Nicola Snr from V1/SA1 Dave Gartner and V23 Mick Nicola Jnr. The Super Rod A-main went to S13 Shaun Walsh from M41 Jason Kavanagh and L56 Neville Gange.

The Routey’s Car Crumble one toff with a bang and the excited screams from the kids in the audience. In the end Team Hazard took the win with several port-a-loo’s the worst for wear.

Our next event is the Presidents Cup on Wednesday the 16th of Jan.

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credit to Rock Solid productions for the photos