Nominations have now closed for the Presidents Cup, Wednesday the 16th of January at Avalon Raceway.

Any other competitors wishing to nominate will be placed on a standby list for this blue ribbon event.

With a field showcasing the best teams in speedway and a full car count of 48, the Presidents Cup 2019 will be a night to remember.

Gates open at 4pm, pit walk 4-5pm, vehicles on track from 6pm.

Adults $30, Concession $25 (aged & disability), 12-16 $15, kids under 12 are FREE.

Here are the nomintions.

V2 Domain Ramsay

W2 Kerry Madsen

S4 Lisa Walker

VA6 Tim Kaeding

Q7 Robbie Farr

T7 Tim Hutchins

V7 Paul Solomon

V8 Bobby Daly

VA12 Mark Carlin

USA12 Paker Price Miller

S13 Brock Hallet

N16 Daniel Sayer

V17 Dennis Jones

W17 James McFadden

T22 Jock Goodyer

V22 Terry Rankin

V25 Jack Lee

NS27 Kyle Angel

V28 Andrew Hughes

VA29 Jayden Peacock

V32 Stephen Spark

V35 Jamie Veal

V37 Grant Anderson

V42 Jye Okeeffe

N43 Alex Orr

V45 Mike Van Bremen

N47 Marcus Dumesny

V52 Darren Mollenoyux

N53 Jesse Attard

V55 Brook Tatnell

V56 James Aranyosi

V60 Jordyn Charge

T62 Tate Frost

N65 Brenden Rallings

V67 Luke Walker

V68 Brett Milburn

USA71 Gio Scelzi

VA71 Corey McCullagh

72 Jacob Smith

V77 Brayden Parr

VA81 Rhys Baxter

N83 Peter O’Neill

V88 David Murcott

N92 Sam Walsh

V92 Matthew Reed

W97 Mitch Wormall

V98 Peter Doukas

N99 Carson Macedo