Street Stocks will be in support at the Presidents Cup, Wed 16th of January.

With a big night expected, entries will be limited to 20 cars, currently there is one spot remaining.

Competitors can email with driver name and car number to secure the last spot.

Any entries over the 20 allocation will be placed on a standby list.

Here are the nominations:

Darren Forrest RD41
Brad McClure RDL24
Leigh Gooding RD11
David Barrie C83
Darren Mathews C5
Stuey Robinson C36
Belinda McCoubrie C66
Stephen Petrie A43
Troy Hose M57
Chris Suiter AV59
Ashley Fox M29
Kayla Knox RDL68
Ricky Throckmorton C18
Mitch Viney G23
Tim Hutchinson M88
Mick Clarke B48
Adam Timberlake M47