The Victorian Wingless Title was run Saturday the 26th of January at Avalon Raceway. With a large field of 78 cars registered for the title and with 3 heats requested, the teams where out on the track early. The heats gave us great side by side racing and at times we even saw three wide. After the 21 heats the field was drawn into 2 C-mains with only 2 cars moving forward into the duel B-mains. From each of the B’s, three cars moved forward to complete the 20 strong Victorian Title grid.

The track had stood up to the workload of 20+ heats, but now single file racing had taken its place and it would be a smart race-craft that would take the title.  A couple of yellows kept things tight, with no one being able to gain momentum on the topside. Then with 4 laps to go the Vx50 of Luke Weel blu out a right rear and V32 Dayn Bentvelzen grabbed the lead. From there it was Bentvelzen from V33 Luke Storer and V30Tony Moule to the checkered flag.

Then came the final drama of the night. Dayn Bentvelsen was DQ’d due to not reporting to the designated area once leaving the track. The win and state title awarded to Luke Storer, 2nd to Tony Moule and 3rd to V45 Bhoe Patterson.