Boxing Day night at the place for pace turned on a scorching night of racing.
Time Trials were wide open when the late driver change of Darren Molloyenux stepped into the David Dickson #V3 and walked out the door the quicktime winner overall. Tim Van Ginneken, Corey Mccullagh and Jack Lee were all the respective group quicktimes.
Heat 1 turned pear shaped early as David Donegan spun in turn 1, lap 1, causing the V57 of Troy Hose to inadvertently get it upside down with nowhere to go, shearing off the left rear wheel and axle. Donegan would eventually retire with a flat right front. Grant Anderson’s spin in caution laps would send him to the rear where he drove from p10 to 5. Mike Van Bremen led every lap from outside front row and took out the heat win.
Heat 2 would watch Darren Mollenoyux storm away with the heat 2 win, over a fast finishing Brett Milburn and Mark Carlin.
Fast Eddie Lumbar would get it all loose and snag the turn 1 wall in heat 3 and set in for a wild ride across the fence just missing going inverted. Corey Mccullagh was quick from the get go, while Jye O’Keefe was charging hard in second. Mccullagh would come to a hault with 3 laps to run, seeing O’Keefe sail on past for the win.
Heat 4 was off to a rocky start for Domain Ramsay, Ryan Davis and Johnny Vogels who all turned their cars around bringing on the yellows. The third restart was much the same, as Adam King, Johnny Vogels, Ryan Davis, Domain Ramsay, Dennis Jones and more all tangled up in a first corner tussle. Jack Lee would finally take out the win in his Avalon Raceway return with Jordyn Charge and Terry Rankin 3rd.
Heat 1 of the Nite Flight Logistics Modified Sedans was a belter for Aaron Bunton who just made it here in time after an engine rebuild from earlier in his season. Bunton started on the front row and never looked back. Young gun Lachlan Fitzpatrick held his lane well and snared a 2nd place finish.
Heat 2 for Modified Sedans was a cracking tussle, Matt Gerlach’s early lead was hard fought by Justin Drew who climbed his way through the pack to inherit second place and hunt down the lead, but didnt have enough at the line. Jai Nicolaisen followed through for a tight battle with Cockerill and Millar.
Sprintcars Heat 5 was spectacular by Tim Van Ginneken who made the track 3 wide and set a forward stomp. Before getting unstuck tagging the wall and heading to the rear. Steven Loader would spin a few laps later leaving Chris Solomon with nowhere to run and getting it upside down. Paul Solomon on the other hand, had vicious speed and took off from Grant Anderson in second place with Brett Milburn in 3rd.
Starting from Position 10 in heat 6, Darren Mollenoyux had his head down early. Sliding high and low on the track to sort his way in a monster drive up to second spot. Andrew Hughes won by a straight away from the front row. Travis Millar and Sam Wren made up the top 4.
Sprintcar heat 7 looked on as Brett Smith barn stormed away off the front row. Fast Eddie Lumbar after a flying high pass, spun in turn 4 and brought in a caution. With the restart at the ready. Johnny Vogels opened up the jets on the V70 and railed the outside from deep in the field up to take the lead with 1 to run. Smith finished up second and Doukas in 3rd.
Jacob Smith made the most of heat 8, finding some superior speed in the final 2 laps and sailing by Rhys Baxter and Jye O’Keefe to take the win. Baxter finished with car issues, bucking and jumping around in the final few laps.
Heat 3 of modified sedans was dominated by the N42 of Scott Angus, a fast finishing Aaron Bunton claimed the second step while Lachlan Fitzpatrick charged from the 7th spot up to 3rd.
Justin Drew got the jump on Cockerill for heat 4, which would be the constant battle throughout the whole race. Drew would hang on for the win, Cockerill 2nd and Damien Millar for 3rd.
The C Main, over 10 laps, was hard fought in the transfer spot. David Donegan was the victor, Adam King 2nd, Brayden Parr and Chris Solomon made the 4th and final position transferring to the B Main.
B Main action was hyped up as the transferees from the C tried to make their way forward. Grant Anderson was simply too good on the front row and launched into victory. Johnny Vogels was stoich in second, while Mark Carlin held off a seriously quick 81 of Rhys Baxter in position 4.
The Nite Flight Logistics Modified Sedan Christmas Cup set alight over 20 laps. Throw a blanket over the top 6 and let them eat up the Avalon Clay. After a gaggle of lead changes, from Aaron Bunton, to Matt Gerlach and Justin Drew also, racing was full of excitement. At the tapes, it was finally Justin Drew, from Matt Gerlach on the cushion and Scott Angus in 3rd filling the final podium spot.
30 laps marked on the board set the distance for the Sharp Cranes Sprintcar Gold Cup. Jye O’Keefe set out to a blinder of a start. Opening up a mile between himself, Darren Molloyenux and Tim Van Ginneken.
Moving through Lap Traffic, Molloyenux made ground enough to slide past O’Keefe for the lead. O’Keefe in the 42 fought it back at Molloyenux and pulled off a huge slidejob. Darren, With nowhere to go, collected the tail tank of O’Keefe and sent him into the wall. Bending the rear axle of the 42 severely and sending him to retirement infield.
Inheriting the race lead, Darren Molloyenux never looked back leading from Tim Van Ginneken and Jack Lee and Brett Milburn. Lap 16 would bring on the red lights as Rhys Baxter and Jake Smith rolled separately in turn 1. Vogels came unstuck at the same time in turn 4 adding to the carnage.
The final 15 laps would go on unaltered with Darren Molloneyux opening up a 5 second gap over Tim Van Ginneken and Jack Lee. Brett Milburn, Paul Solomon, Mark Carlin, Bobby Daly, Terry Rankin, Jordyn Charge and Grant Anderson from the B Main making the top 10.
We Return to Avalon Raceway, Monday December 30, as the World Series Sprintcars roll into town.

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