Jordyn Charge kicked off round 8 of the Eureka Garages & Sheds SRA Sprintcar Series in the best possible way. Setting overall quicktime with a time of 12.670 seconds. Corey Mccullagh with a 12.699, Brett Milburn with a 12.680 and Jye O’Keeffe setting a 12.742 were all quicktime setters in their respective heat race time trial sessions.
Charles Hunter tipped the V73 over in his hotlaps session, junked the car and turned it around to field a lap under time trial conditions after a monster effort by his crew.
Corey Mccullagh led the family owned V90 to victory lane in heat one, from pole position alongside Grant Anderson. Grant would finish second with Bobby Daly in third.
A controversial heat 2 would see Jordyn Charge and Domain Ramsay dog fight from the front row. Give it to Domain Ramsay in the 2 who would officially get the heat win, after a late last lap pass from Charge who ran wheel to wheel with Ramsay over the line. Wheels would touch and deflate the left front rapidly on Domain’s car.
Brayden Parr was the fastest car in heat 3, travelling from deep in the field to a 3rd position finish. Brett Milburn was electric in front taking the win over Jake Smith, both starting from the front row.
Matthew Reed went skyward in the NT7 after an aggressive and caution bound heat 4. Tate Frost was on the hammer early in the T62 dicing it out with Jye O’Keeffe. Mark Carlin was diverted to rear of field during action after a piece of the body work came adrift bringing the yellows. Chris Solomon was solid, getting a much savoured victory from Tate Frost and Jye O’Keeffe.
Heat racing for the Modified Sedans West Coast Classic was thrilling, with side by side action from the sedan feature class. Matt Gerlach piloted the AV14 to heat race 1 victory over a fast finishing Australia #1 of Kye Walters.
Racing was locked down by Nick Cockerill in the RDL11 who narrowly held off Justin Drew aboard the AV7 and young gun Todd Atkins in the HA36.
Young Bobby Daly was just stout in Heat Race number five, setting the quickest lap time by 0.4 of a second. Daly got the win from Adam King and Corey Mccullagh.
Grant Stansfield was dominant to take out heat race number 6 in a car crunching tussle. Grant Anderson rounded home second with Tasmanian Tim Hutchins in third.
Brayden Parr was ‘simply the best’ to win heat 7 by a fair margin after Troy Hose, John Murdie and Jake Smith all found the wars and finished infield. Parr won from Travis Millar and Flyin’ Ryan Davis.
The turn around they needed, greeted Heath Hunter Motorsports in heat 8. Junked the car in hot laps, didnt finish his first heat, but was able to convert heat 8 to a win. Narrowly holding out Mildura’s Terry Kelly for the second spot.
Australia 1 let off like a bullet from a gun, stealing heat race number 3 from a hard charging Matt Gerlach who moved forward early.
The rookie, Todd Atkins railed the bottom to claim heat race number 4 back to Michael Wicks driving the usual Brad Wicks Bendigo 17. Justin Drew locked down P3 over Chris Rieck in heat number 4.
The Silver Shootout would watch Jye O’Keeffe ans Bobby Daly move forward the Gold Shootout after defeating Chris Solomon and Brett Milburn. The Gold Shootout and pole sitter battle included Daly, O’Keeffe, Jordyn Charge and Corey Mccullagh.
Jordyn Charge continued the storm home taking out the Gold Shootout and secured pole position for the Eureka Garages Kings Cars Round 8 of the SRA series. Corey Mccullagh timed in second with O’Keeffe and Daly 3rd and 4th to start the A Main.
With only 4 transfer spots up for offer from the C Main, tensions were running high to get into the main event. Mark Carlin pulled a huge outside pass on Travis Millar to snare the lead. Lumbar battled with Darren Clarke, Tony Moule and Andrew Hughes through the middle of the distance.
Under white flag conditions, Terry Rankin launched into action to snipe the final transfer spot from Fast Eddie Lumbar who would be the first to miss position. Carlin would win, taking with him into the B Main, Tony Moule, Travis Millar and Terry Rankin.
David Donegan brought on the red lights early into B Main action after a quick turn around between the C and B. Jake Smith opened up a huge gap over Grant Stansfield in second spot.
Final transfers would be Jake Smith, Grant Stansfield, Tim Hutchins, Adam King, Dennis Jones and hard charging Kurt Luttrell made the final spot in 6th.
The West Coast Classic for Modified Sedans went right to the wire over the 15 lap distance. “The Kid” Todd Atkins gave Kye Walters plenty to think about over the full race. Walters led from green to chequers with Atkins pushing him the whole way.
Nick Cockerill rounded 3rd, with Matt Gerlach and Justin Drew completing the top 5 in the West Coast Classic A Main.
25 laps would be the distance for the Kings Cars Eureka Garages Series Round 8 A Main. Corey Mccullagh led the opening few laps before yellow opening up a fair margin over Bobby Daly running second and Jordyn Charge weathering the storm in 3rd.
Corey Mccullagh led an absolute nailbiter to the line over Grant Anderson who threw a hail-mary pass on the final corner that didn’t quite stick on the outside.
Bobby Daly finished in third, Jordyn Charge and Brett Milburn rounding out the top five. Paul Solomon sixth, Jye O’Keeffe seventh, Chris Solomon eighth, Tate Frost and Domain Ramsay totalled the top 10.
Corey Mccullagh would lock down a solid performance in the family owned V90, before heading into the Presidents Cup back at Avalon on January 22