Official Release
Avalon Raceway
January 20th 2020
For Immediate Release
48 of the world’s best locked into the exclusive, first in best dressed presidents cup lineup capped to just the 48 cars.
Avalon Raceway is blessed to see “Young Money” Kyle Larson headlining the A-Grade nomination list, fresh off his 2020 Chilli Bowl victory just yesterday, a win that had eluded him for 13 years.
Touching down to Avalon Raceway this wednesday night will be fellow Americans, Mr Excitement Tim Keading, Shane Stewart driving for Dickson Motorsport, young gun, Cody Maroske.
Tim Shaffer will step into the Brad Keller car, Corey Eliason in the familiar Diamond Bay Car, along with Buddy Kofoid who is quickly making a name for himself on the world stage.
We will see the 2-car Dyson team with 2 international powerhouses in Carson Macedo and Kyle Larson creating a formidable team that will aim at a podium lock out for the N99 and USA99.
Not forgetting a stellar team of our local heroes who step into the ring in hopes to “Spank the Yank”.
Kerry Madsen brings the immaculate Krikke Motorsport W2 back to the place for pace after the cancelled world series round of speedweek.
2018/19 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Champion will bring his long serving NQ7 team to showdown with hopes of a back to back effort at the classic.
The list goes on and on with James McFadden and Tasmanian stand out Jock Goodyer in the McFadden mentour program will embark on Avalon.
Grant Anderson continues his charge in track championship standings, with the current points leader a late inclusion in Brett the Jet Milburn.
Along with the other 30 some competitors, Lisa Walker, Brock Hallett, Jake Tranter and Tim Shaffer in the South Australian car, the South Aussie Army have plenty to speak about heading into this Presidents Cup.
Street Stock racing will provide fierce support to the Sprintcars Feature with heavy hitters like Brad McClure, the 2018/19 track champion.
Joining McClure is Leigh Gooding, Dale Blomeley back in the seat, along with Michael Smith, Ellen Hampson, Tim Hutchinson, Scott Secombe, Stephen Petrie, Adam Timberlake and Lee Harrison totalling the field.
Wednesday’s meeting nothing changes does it in regards to time wise.
Pit gate open from 1pm
Public gate 3:30pm
Pit Walk 4-5pm
Racing from 6pm
Avalon Raceway this Wednesday Night January 22. BE THERE.
Presidents Cup 410 Sprintcars (48)
W2 Kerry Madsen
T2 Scott Bissett
V3 Shane Stewart
NS4 Ian Madsen
S4 Lisa Walker
N5 Cody Maroske
VA6 Tim Keading
NQ7 Robbie Farr
T7 Tim Hutchins
V8 Bobby Daly
W11 Jason Kendrick
VA12 Mark Carlin
S13 Brock Hallet
S14 Brendan Quinn
W17 James McFadden
V17 Dennis Jones
S19 Tim Shaffer
T22 Jock Goodyer
V25 Jack Lee
W26 Corey Eliason
NT26 Tony Moule
VA27 Scott Bogucki
V28 Andrew Hughes
VA29 Terry Rankin
V34 Brenten Farrer
V35 Jamie Veal
V37 Grant Anderson
S37 Terry Kelly
V39 Brett Smith
V45 Mike Van Bremen
S45 Jake Tranter
T45 Kurt Lutrell
N53 Jesse Attard
W53 Ben Ellement
V55 Brooke Tatnell
T62 Tate Frost
V68 Brett Milburn
V72 Jacob Smith
V73 Charles Hunter
VA75 David Donegan
V88 David Murcott
Q88 Ryan McNamara
V90 Corey McCullagh
N92 Sam Walsh
V93 Travis Millar
S97 Buddy Kofoid
N99 Carson Macedo
USA99 Kyle Larson
Street Stocks
Leigh Gooding R11
Michael Smith B13
Brad McClure RDL24
Ellen Hampson RDL21
Tim Hutchinson RDL88
Scott Secombe RDL18
Stephen Petrie AV 43
Adam Timberlake G13
Dale Blomeley B61
Lee Harrison RDL22
📸 by Liam Aunger Media, Dyson Motorsport and Avalon Raceway