This Saturday night, February 22, will mark A historic event as we crown another Victorian Champion at Avalon Raceway.

The Superb Security Victorian Speedcar Championship, in conjunction with Dutton Garage, will feature some of the Globe’s best from Midgets, Speedcars and Sprintcars.

Headlining the list, after a commanding run at Parramatta’s Valvoline Raceway over the Christmas Period, driving for Dyson Motorsports is Carson Macedo in the N99.

Macedo, who has competed in the worlds biggest events, from the Chilli Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Knoxville Nationals in Iowa, USA. The Presidents Cup, Kings Challenge and yet another Warnambool Classic all here in Australia recently, will return to add another tick to his resume for the Victorian Speedcar Championship.

Also competing for the Stars and Stripes, both driving for Mike Griffiths of Griffiths Motorsports, are two throttle stomping ladies with hearts set on glory. Michelle Decker and Shannon McQueen are both known for their USAC series drives back home and will pilot the 75OK and 75C respectively, for Griffiths.

Entering another two-car team is the likeable family team of Mills Motorsport. Travis ‘Squizzy’ Mills will steer the immaculate Dutton Garage 10V. Mills who is a 3 time Victorian Championship winner, and defending champion, will also crew for his son, Caleb Mills. Caleb, who is quickly climbing through the ranks and forging his own fire, will drive the 10M.

After ticking off a major lifetime achievement to race at the Chilli Bowl and compete throughout the USA and NZ on tour, former Australian Champion Kaidon Brown is in very good form to take out one of the events his Father Mark, was known for. Brown will drive the 97V.

The Slide Job Sensation, Tom Payet out of WA will make the voyage also, ready to put on a show for the Victorian fans in the 7W.

The Lineup is riddled with feature winners throughout, who have all competed so well at Avalon Raceway in the past. Taylor Gore, Troy Jenkins, Mitch Whiting, Andy Pearce, Joe Lostitch, Brett Ireland and so many more, are all chomping at the bit, ti chew up that Avalon Clay.

The night will go supported by a cracking line up of Street Stocks, including none other than 2018/19 Track Champion Brad McClure in the RDL24.

Troy Hose hops back in the Sedan again after a recent stint behind the wheel of the Hosey Earthworks #57 Sprintcar. Hose will be in the HA5.

These two, plus twenty others will duke it out for valuable track championship points with McClure eyeing off back to back wins.

The final class of the night are the always exciting AMCA Nationals featuring current Victoria number one, Tim Reidy.

With some of the best AMCA Nationals steerers from Victoria and Tasmania, this will be one class to keep a keen eye on.

Speedway Australia Rising Star, Ellis Dickenson makes the long voyage from Tasmania to drive his T12 in a well presented outfit, doing it solo for the apple isle.

The rest of the lineup is all Victorian with drivers like the “Juicy Boy” Frank Thierry, Neale Peachey and Dean Heseltine who always put on a clinic when racing alongside eachother.

All of the action of the Superb Security Victorian Speedcar Championship, along with Street Stocks and AMCA Nationals will take place this Saturday Night February 22.

Avalon Raceway, Lara. BE THERE



Adam Wallis 21V
Andy Pearce 15V
Anthony Chaffey 31V
Brett Ireland 83S
Brock Webster 91T
Caleb Mills 10M
Carson Macedo 99N
Craig Smith 88V
Dillon Ghent 27V
Domain Ramsay 71R
Glen Shaw 72V
Glenn Wright Q41
Jack Day 8V
Jay Waugh 11N
Joe Lostitch 22
Justin McMinn 12V
Kaidon Brown 97V
Kaleb Currie 6S
Keenan Fleming 26W
Matt Jackson 97N
Matt Balcombe 9V
Michelle Decker 75OK
Mitch Whiting 17V
Mitchell Freeman 12T
Nick Parker 39v
Shannon McQueen 75C
Shaun Walsh 30V
Taylor Gore 26v
Toby Smith 55v
Tom Payet 7w
Travis Mills 10V
Troy Jenkins 78N


Brad McClure RDL24
Dean Jenkins RDL4
Ellen Hampson RDL21
Stuey Robinson C66
David Barrie C83
Jason Marrison C84
Rikki Stewart W42
Shaun Jenkins RDL49
Adam Timberlake G13
Mark Jennings SA21
Dylan Wilkinson L64
Courtney Meakins AX84
Mick Clark B48
Troy Hose HA5
Leigh Gooding R 11
Chris Whatmore B42
Jacque Whatmore B52
Shaun Henry B23
Matthew Glab RDL57
Dylan Campton AX81
Casey Newlan AX13
Lee Harrison RDL22


Vic 1 Tim Reidy
Vic 2 Greg Firmin
Vic 7 Frank Thierry
Vic 9 Bruce Tait
Tas 12 Ellis Dickenson
Vic 12 Jimmy Harris
Vic 23 Paul Howard
Vic 26 David Wick
Vic 32 Shaun Sutton
Vic 36 Darren Bloom
Vic 51 Neale Peachey
Vic 55 Grant Cullinger
Vic 63 John Churchyett
Vic 84 Keenan Casey
Vic 93 Dean Heseltine
Vic 99 Justin Richardson