JANUARY 20 2021
James McFadden and the W17 team of Monte Motorsport find themselves in victory lane again after dominating the A Main with flying lap times from start to finish.
Street Stocks devotee Brad McClure recently announced his retirement from speedway at the end of this season, and set off with banking some last feature wins in the books at Avalon Raceway, where he is a Track Champion.
McClure set himself up the perfect run to do so, putting the iconic RDL24 on pole position for the Routleys Bakery A main. Brad would go on to park the 24 in victory lane, with a popular win from the C83 of David Barrie and Morris Ahearn in the M4.
A full capacity crowd was treated to a clinic of 410 Sprintcar action in what was a highly anticipated return of the 2021 Presidents Cup.
Corey Mccullagh continued his iron clad form into the cup, setting QuickTime overall with a blistering 11.699 seconds around the clay.
Jack Lee aboard the V25 would set QuickTime in group 1 with Brock Hallet steering the S13 the quickest in Group 3.
Australian Champion Jamie Veal made a quick start of Heat 1, to get the jump on Jack Lee, to take the victory from Lee and Grant Anderson.
Corey Mccullagh was electric in heat 2, parking the V90 in the winners circle with a fast finishing Daniel Pestka and Darren Mollenoyux for second and third.
Matt Egel was able to snare the pass on Brock Hallett to take the win in Heat 3, with Hallet finishing second and the W17 of James McFadden chasing third.
Marcus Dumesny proved the N47 has the speed and experience to get it done at Avalon, winning heat 4 from Jordyn Charge and Dennis Jones.
Tasmanian Jock Goodyer ran rampant in heat 5, securing the victory with James McFadden and Matthew Reed in second and third.
Brett Milburn showed his Avalon Raceway experience paid dividends, winning the sixth and final heat from Jessie Attard and David Murcott filling the top three.
Jock Goodyer had to make amends by winning the B main with a gap back to Jessie Attard, Ryan Jones and Brett Milburn making the final four transfers through to the main event.
James McFadden was a cut above the rest to secure the 2021 Presidents Cup a win to the Monte Motorsports W17 dream team.
The Kings Cars Presidents Cup would see the Australia #1 of Jamie Veal dealing with a fast closing Darren Mollenoyux, and Corey Mcullagh shortening the gap back to third and fourth also.
Matt Egel and Grant Anderson traded blows through lap traffic to finish in close quarters, before a 3 second gap back to Marcus Dumesny and Brock Hallett. Robbie Farr would finish 9th with Brett Milburn charging out of the B Main up to make the top 10 in the A Main.
The calibre of drivers was second to none, and left a high rpm in the hearts of the capacity crowd that filled the stands of Avalon Raceway, with McFadden and McClure driving out with the silverware.
📸 by Ben Drew & Avalon Raceway