This Saturday night February 6 will play host to an electric field of Junior Sedans as the JSPA series embarks on their first Avalon Raceway round of the year. With the sound of roaring V8s back to tear up the Avalon dirt track strapped into the Dirt Modifieds is always a wheel lifting sight. To top it all off, Modified Sedans have a high calibre list of drivers entered to envy any.
A huge 21 car field of Junior Sedans New Stars are stamped ready to roll. With the likes of local cars, Blake Glynn, Jake Bradley and Fletcher Barron, all with the home club advantage to tackle the travelling barrage. This being the up and coming class always provides heart stopping action and an extremely tight grouped racing environment.
The Junior Sedans Top Stars for the longer serving drivers is another impressive figure with a staggering 18 further Juniors entered. Coming off a hot form of 2 feature wins in a row at Timmis Speedway Mildura, Jayden Bryant is the hot contender to beat. The Tassie #73 of Stevie Smith has proven her place against the best in class and will be another very serious chance at taking the win. Between the Paterson’s, Barton’s, Rumler, Cornfoot and Vella teams, this race is anyone’s for the taking. Plus so many more heavy hitters in this group.
V8 Dirt Modifieds will see another generation joining the ranks as Tyler Scott will strap into the V93 alongside his father Troy in the V99 which will be a great spectacle for the family. Todd Hobson has been switching between his Wingless ride and the Dirt Modified but will have to iron curtain his focus on the V8 to hold off competition from Hickson, Ardley and Topperwien.
The Modified sedan category is always a fiercely competitive affair and this weekend will be no exception to that. Both Atkins brothers entered is enough to send shivers up the spines of competitors, hoping the engine woes are at ease on the Portland #0 of Brock, and Todd can keep at his running form in the HA36. With the Walters family strong supporters of the GV94, Rachel Pratt will look to stand one step higher than her field rivals when she embarks on the Lara banks. With Reddecliffe, Rieck, Wilson, Dike’s and many more, podium room will come at a premium this Saturday night at the Place for Pace.
Public Gates open from 5pm, with racing set to start from 6:30pm. Tickets are now available online at
Thats Avalon Raceway this Saturday Night, BE THERE
New Stars
AV8 Blake Glynn
AV14 Jake Bradley
AV57 Fletcher Barron
AX5 Braidan Webster
AX23 Tamika Simpson
AX29 Jasmine Bryant
AX62 Christine Oliver
AX63 James Oliver
AX66 Maddy Capon
AX97 Sharlotte McPherson
AX98 Jessica Lowe
B88 Levi Blake
C81 Miller Throckmorton
DDA45 Jemma Woods
DDA82 Arthur Hutchinson
HA7 Jacob Tinworth
HA29 Rylan Pech
N5 Matilda Farrell
N25 Riley Taylor
N37 Rowdy Andreatta
N47 Brody Barton
Top Stars
ACT55 Jack Murphy
AX10 Breanna Simpson
AX19 Luke Cornfoot
AX47 River Paterson
AX48 Linken Paterson
AX49 Jayden Bryant
AX51 Jack Randall
AX85 Rhys Meakins
AX93 Seth Sloane
B4 Jaxson Vella
B33 Bailey Rumler
B66 Shaqkira Blake
L25 Jake Dooley
N19 Tenayah Barton
N51 Kiarna Barton
N69 Jessica O’Donnell
P95 Tanner Barclay
TAS 73 Stevie Smith
Aaron Bunton NG87
Darcy Wilson B5
Chris Rieck AV18
Marcus Reddecliffe N29
Rachel Pratt GV94
Jason Andreatta N29
Shane Ardley N6
Todd Atkins HA36
Brock Atkins P0
John Dike DS51
Cameron Dike N37
Ricky Cornwall AX15
Gavin Catley W15
Brodie Chrystie AX32
Nick Cockerill RDL 11
V23 Mark Topperwien
V59 Michael Ardley
V84 Todd Hobson
V92 Daryl Hickson
V93 Tyler Scott
V99 Troy Scott
📸 Courtesy of Jayden Bryant Racing SSA49, Todd Hobson Racing and Rock Solid Productions/Atkins Family Racing