FEBRUARY 18 2020
This Saturday night, February 20 will see the annual running of the Bruce Riddiford Street Stock Memorial at Avalon Raceway.
With an A-List field of drivers flooding into the Formula 500 category across juniors and seniors, along with an enviable AMCA nationals nomination list, this yet again will be an event not to miss.
The Riddiford family have been a household name across the industry and Avalon are honoured to yet again be hosting the Riddiford Memorial for the Street Stock category.
Morris Ahearn has had the M4 rocking in recent weeks between Avalon and Timmis Speedway in Mildura, Morris has shown he has the speed and form heading in.
The entries of both Roycroft cars entered is an exciting addition with Shane “The Hulk” and Felicity both fielding the two Wangaratta registered cars.
Dylan Campton is another high capacity driver locking in the immaculate AX81 machine for battle this Saturday night.
Not to mention Brad McClure in his farewell season will be chasing another set of silverware to hang in the RDL24 shed by the end of the season.
This will be one hotly contended category for the Riddiford Memorial with a whole host of potential winners including Mick Clarke, Leigh Gooding, Troy Hose and so many more.
The 350 Chev dominated AMCA Nationals class has a bounty of talent all from near and far, ready to embark on the Place for Pace.
Zac Tyson will make the trek down from Mildura to get some more laps behind the freshly built SA7 car.
Dean Heseltine is always one hot contender, so it will be no surprise to see the #93 hunting around the front of the field at the throw of the chequers come Saturday night.
Powerhouses like Darren Bloom, Frank Thierry and Neale Peachy will all be giving it 110 percent to determine the top step of the podium for the AMCAs.
Formula 500s quickly build an exciting atmosphere behind them, especially coming in with a car count over 20 in Seniors plus a junior field calibre to rival any.
The V2 of Speedway Australia Rising Star Angus Hollis is a tasty addition, bringing the professionalism and racecraft that the V2 team is known for.
Jordan Rae is certainly no stranger when it comes to that top step, he will be striving hard in the V9 to park that machine right at the front.
Since joining the senior ranks, Declan Robinson has been electric and has enjoyed putting runs on the board consecutively, keep eyes peeled on the V72.
Between Telindert, Bell, Speed, Giblin, Turner, O’Keeffe, Rankin and so many more, this open wheel winged will have fans on the edges of seats come Saturday night.
The Junior F500 class sees the next generation of Formula Pilots climbing the ranks of speedway putting together the race craft before joining the Senior level at 16 years old.
Tyler Maggs, the third generation speedway die hard, after making a name for himself in the speedway kart ranks, has continued his immense form into the F500.
Another devout speedway family, Jackson Van Ginneken will motor the racey V5 around the Lara clay with nothing but gold in sights.
These developing drivers have in recent weeks provided the race of the night so will be an exciting addition to the Avalon calendar.
Strict Covid safe measures will be taken on the night to ensure the safety of all Avalon Raceway staff, officials and Importantly our beloved patrons and drivers. We please ask you to as a requirement to wear approved masks in congregated areas and wherever practical.
We also request that all drivers and crew hop online to fill out the Speedway Australia Indemnity Waiver before arriving at the venue.
Pit Gates open from 1:00pm, public Gates open from 4:30pm with racing from 6:30 sharp.
Thats this Saturday night February 20, Avalon Raceway Lara, BE THEREEEE
Ends Release…
Full Nominations…
Street Stocks
Dylan Campton AX81
Brad McClure RDL 24
AJ Lawrence AX55
Lee Harrison RDL 22
Nevano Cowan RDL82
Mick Clark 48
Leigh Gooding RD11
David Barrie C83
Chris Hay W42
Dale Morrison DS13
Shane Roycroft Wang 82
Felicity Roycroft Wang 65
Lewis Clark B71
Steven Watts W5
Troy Hose HA57
Morris Ahearn M4
Jacob Mills W11
SA 7 Zack Tyson
Vic 7 Frank Thierry
Vic 8 Stephan Hopkins
Vic 12 Jimmy Harris
Vic 22 Hugene Charvat
Vic 26 David Wick
Vic 28 Paul Sullivan
Vic 36 Darren Bloom
Vic 51 Neale Peachey
Vic 63 John Churchyett
Vic 84 Keenan Casey
Vic 93 Dean Heseltine
V2 Angus Hollis
V9 Jordan Rae
V10 Ben Telindert
V12 Brendan McGinniskin
V14 Jett Speed
V16 Michael Pearson
V17 Indy Rae
V21 Lauren Bowen
V29 Darcy Giblin
V32 Mathew Turner
V35 Jesse Ellston
V42 Jett Bell
SA44 Steph Munn
V46 Will Carroll
V48 Ryan O’Keefe
V49 Josh Buckingham
V55 Terry Rankin
V58 Max Owen
V71 Kurt Dunham
V72 Declan Robinson
V83 Adam Turner
V93 Alex Ryan
Junior F500
V5 Jackson VanGinneken
V11 Dakota Luckett
V24 Tyler Maggs
V50 Holly Harris
V64 Caleb Langdon
V67 Zoe Pearce
V69 Chad Bell
V76 Jordy Langdon