APRIL 15 2021
This Saturday night, April 17, Avalon Raceway will close the 2020/21 season with a bang. With the Sprintcar 360 Triple Crown round 3 dawning, plus the tribute of the Speedcar Diggers cup both locked in.
In what will forever go down as the roller-coaster season of ungodly weather, worldwide epidemics, and world-class racing, this Saturday is sure to be a next level send off.
360ci Sprintcar action is fierce inside the Place for Pace banks at Lara, the ideal size and motor capacity for those slidejobs that load the edges of seats all around the stands.
After Friday’s round two of the SRA triple crown series at Sungold Stadium Warrnambool, heading into the third round at Avalon will be monumental.
With all the heavy hitters like none other than the Australian 360 Champion Brett “The Jet” Milburn signalling his intention to take out the triple crown.
Former Australian Speedcar champion Kaidon Brown will make his return to Avalon in the highly anticipated VA3.
Running fresh off an Allstars round win at Timmis Speedway Mildura, Phil Lock has the confidence and speed in that team to take one more well respected win in this category.
Avalon marvel Michael Tancredi has dominated this event in past seasons, looking to sink his teeth into some more silverware for the Tancredi MotorSports crew.
Tim Van Ginneken, Paul Solomon, Grant Anderson, Charles Hunter, Dennis Jones, Jordyn Charge and so many more tasty entries are all embarking on this one last time event at Avalon.
The sounds and sights of the screaming Speedcars are always iconic at the Place for Pace, the tight wheel base, the angriest of engines and the slidejob city they provide, the Speedcar Diggers Cup is fully amped up.
The father and son teaming of Travis Squizzy Mills and young Caleb is always an exciting proposition; the two #10 cars are an eye opening pair to watch out for.
Dillon Ghent and Matt Papa see eye to eye on the surface again, when the #27 takes on the #25 in what is always good friendly competition.
Rookie Danny Smith will steer the Smith Family Owned V55 in his debut for the third generation racer.
Chris Nankiville, DJ Raw and Shaun Walsh will all line up in the ranks set on taking home the hotly contested Diggers Cup.
Action kicks off from 6:30 pm with public Gates open two hours prior at 4:30. Pit Gates will be open from 1pm.
Tickets are available right now online at
This is the final event of the Avalon Raceway calendar, and one you certainly do not want to miss. 360 Sprintcars Triple Crown and Speedcar Diggers Cup. Fire up Avalon. BE THERE.
360Ci Sprintcars
A1 Brett Milburn
VA37 Darryl Atkinson
VA3 Kaidon Brown
V39 Brett Smith
V4 Phil Lock
VA42 Mark Noonan
V44 Tim Van Ginneken
V7 Paul Solomon
SA44 Daniel Evans
D7 Matthew Reed
V46 Jordan Abbott
VA10 Steven Loader
N46 Stacey Galliford
V11 Grant Anderson
VA47 Ben Morrison
VA11 Phil Micallef
VA49 Shaun Lyness
VA14 Chris Rodda
V60 Jordyn Charge
V15 David Dennison
V71 Marcus Green
V17 Dennis Jones
V73 Charles Hunter
V18 Sam Millar
V75 Mitchell Smith
VA18 Mitchell Sutej
V86 Justin Barton
V19 Sam Wren
V 88 Renae Eastham
D21 Zac Farrer
VA91 Daniel Scott
V21 Ben Micallef
VA96 Daniel Mayson
V29 Michael Tancredi
VA98 Shane Steenholdt
10m Caleb Mills
10s Chris Nankiville
10v Travis Mills
15n DJ Raw
25v Matt Papa
27v Dillon Ghent
30v Shaun Walsh
55v Danny Smith