APRIL 17 2021
Jordyn Charge kicked off round number one of the SRA Triple Crown Series at Premier Speedway Warrnambool taking home a huge victory and strut in his stride. Cut to night number two and Charge was dialed in, the team in sync, and the arms up on the wheel were pin point accurate. Securing a season best two night-two win weekend between Premier and Avalon Raceway for the 360 Diggers Cup.
Time trial sessions were tantalisingly competitive, with just milliseconds separating the top spots. Charles Hunter would be the fastest car to time in flight number one with a 12.995 second rotation.
Michael Tancredi was ultra smooth, and converted that to a blistering 12.489 second lap to QuickTime flight number two and secure the overall QuickTime award with fastest lap outright.
The Australian Champion Brett Milburn was the fastest car to time in flight number three railing a 12.593 seconds.
Charles Hunter, Michael Tancredi and Matthew Reed were the three cars to win their opening round of heat races lighting up the capacity crowd that filled the Avalon Raceway arena.
The real deciders would come to the second round of heats where the field were inverted totally from their starting positions with fastest cars going to the rear.
Zac Farrer would secure a comfortable win heat race number four when Marcus Green would lead the opening lap but retire the V71 on lap two.
Kaidon Brown took the bull by the horns to take the win in heat five back to the David Dickson Motorsport hauler.
While Steven Loader would fight hard to win the final Sprintcar heat race of the night and of the season at Avalon.
Speedcar action was unparallelled in their one last time return to Avalon for the season. Just a tidy field of 8 cars would take to the clay, with the racing as fierce as any.
Dillon Ghent would trade sliders with the veteran Travis Mills in the opening heat before Squizzy Mills would tag the fence and allow Ghent to rip by and take the opener win.
Heat race two it was all about Caleb Mills who drove with experience far beyond his 10 race meeting career he has under his belt. The proud Mills and Dutton Motorsport team were gracious in victory.
The Speedcar A Main for the diggers cup would eventually be cut short due to an awe inspiring unload by Chris Nankiville in the number 10 machine.
Travis Mills was occupying the top step when the race was concluded after fighting hard with DJ Raw in the second place spot. Nankiville was in third at the time, surrendering the spot to an appreciative and humble Matt Papa to take the final trophy.
Sprintcars Pole shootouts were fought hard with again just fragments of a second separating top places. Kaidon Brown would go on to lap the fastest time and snare the pole spot. Grant Anderson would be the outside pole with Matthew Reed and Brett Milburn occupying the second row.
A caution fueled Green flag would drop with an unsettled field drawing the yellow a few times back to back Daniel Evans taking the biggest wreck of the feature. Finally getting a solid run of green laps in with Grant Anderson dominating thus far, a lurking Jordyn Charge would dice his way up to position two and make a serious run at the lead spot before yellow.
With just seven laps to run, Charge would buy his time with Grant Anderson not turning a foot long. Charles Hunter would sneak the V73 up a further two spots into third in the closing stages. Charge would choose the optimum moment to slide low on Ando and poke the nose in front. The cars would dice around lap traffic on the back straight for the final time seeing Charge with the V60 at the front.
Grant Anderson would chase hard but lose track position and finish second. Charles Hunter secures a turn around of results from night one taking third. Kaidon Brown would rocket to fourth while back to back winner of this event Michael Tancredi would finish shy in fifth.
Brett Milburn, Sam Wren, Dennis Jones, Mark Noonan and Shane Steenholdt made up the top finishers to the final A Main of the season at Avalon Raceway.
The whole team behind Avalon Raceway including Rod and Jeff Drew, all of the hard working team of volunteers, paramedics, track crew, safety officials, gate operators, canteens and security would like to extend their appreciation to the competitors, the crews and Importantly the spectators that supported Avalon Raceway all season long.
This event concludes the 2020/21 Avalon Raceway season with news to come shortly announcing the opening of the 2021/22 season and the close to the current one.