DECEMBER 28 2021
A star studded line-up of 410 Sprintcars will dawn on Avalon Raceway for round two of the calendar and the annual running of the sprintcar Fireball Derby backed by the Junior Formula 500 Speedweek.
Fresh out of the USA and straight back into full time racing under his belt, the W17 of James McFadden will touch down on Avalon Clay for the first time this year.
Carson Macedo will return fresh on his Australian tour, driving the Sean Dyson N99. This team is rarely seen moving slow, so you can wager that Team Dyson and Macedo will be an imminent force to be reckoned with.
Corey Mccullagh was on a mission from the first drop of the flags upon his last appearance for the Christmas Cup at Avalon, he will go on to look for that top step result that team has searched so hard for.
After a monumental roll-over at Avalon Raceway for the Gold Cup, the T7 of Tim Hutchins is currently locked in to make the show. With a never say die attitude, this Tasmanian will be out for one epic return.
Daniel Pestka has played into his recent career best form, shaping up to the big guns of the sport with fierce intent.
Grant Anderson has been electric in recent weeks, always managing a good result at Avalon, The Gun will be one to watch.
Among other competitors locked in to do battle, will be Callum Walker, Brett Milburn, Jordyn Charge and Rusty Hickman all capable of dishing out a serve on their given night.
The Junior Formula 500 class is a tight group fronted by teams mainly out of both Victoria and NSW where the Junior 500s are most represented.
Among the Victorian contingent Tyler Maggs has been a figure of the Junior 500 class since his first run. The V24 is already a respected and revered car every moment it is on track.
Zoe Pearce has decades of speedway royalty behind her, which pole vaults the V67 into a league truly of her own when embarking on Avalon Raceway for the Formula 500 speedweek.
Dakota Luckett, Jett Hart, Rusty Ponting and more have been carving their teeth fast since joining the 500 ranks.
The New South Wales drivers putting in the miles will be looking for the home state upset and make NSW the state to revere.
Among them, Kobi Wright, Blaxx Caton, Ky Young, Max Bevan, Riley Simpson and Mitch Saunderson all fast shaping up to the Victorians for the state based Junior Formula 500 speedweek series.
Action on track from 530pm with Gates Open at 3pm, this Thursday night, Avalon Raceway, Lara. BE THERE
Adam King V48
Andrew Hughes V28
Bobby Daly V8
Brendan Quinn S14
Brett Milburn V68
Brett Smith V39
Callum Walker Q33
Cameron Waters V6
Carson Macedo N99
Corey McCullagh V90
Daniel Burleigh V58
Daniel Pestka S27
Darren Mollenoyux V3
Darryl Atkinson VA37
David Aldersley V64
David Donegan VA75
David Murcott S97
Dennis Jones V17
Domain Ramsay V2
Eddie Lumbar N36
Grant Anderson V37
Grant Stansfield VA88
Harrison Swan VA57
Jake Smith V72
James McFadden W17
Jamie Veal V25
Jordyn Charge V60
Kevin M Reeves V63
Luke Thomas N15
Luke Weel NT27
Marcus Dumesny N47
Marcus Green V71
Mark Carlin VA12
Marlin Carrigan Walsh VA72
Matt Swan VA73
Matthew Reed V92
Mitchell Smith V75
Paul Solomon V7
Peter Doukas V98
Rhys Baxter VA81
Rusty Hickman V88
Stephen Spark V32
Steven Lines V45
Tate Frost T62
Terry Rankin VA22
Tim Hutchins T7
Tim Van Ginneken V44
Troy Hose V57
Warrick Taylor VA33
Mitch Saunderson G3
Cooper Norman N49
Dakota Luckett V11
Ashton Rodriguez V30
Blaxx Caton N43
Kobi Wright N78
Tyler Maggs V24
Koby O’Shannassy V60
Jett Hart V98
Ky Young N38
Max Bevan N68
Rusty Ponting V20
Chevette Muir V43
Zoe Pearce V67
Riley Simpson N65
Maddox Gibbs V78
Caleb Langdon V64
📸 Images courtesy of Dyson Motorsport, Pickos Photos and Grumpy & Sons