DECEMBER 30 2021
James McFadden, driving for Luch Monte of Monte Motorsports has opened the flood gates in a major way since landing back in Australia from his US tour. Charging on this unbeaten run, McFadden would incredibly make it four wins from four starts in one of the greatest returns to nation in recent years after winning the Sprintcar Fireball Derby presented by Routley’s.
Corey Mccullagh would continue his unbeaten QuickTime run around Avalon Raceway making it two from two with a scorching 12.232. Mccullagh would narrowly achieve this however, holding off the Monte Motorsports W17 of James McFadden with a 12.245 and Jamie Veal driving the V25 throwing down a 12.324.
David Murcott would open the heat race scoring, with a win in race number one driving for the Downing Bros S97, finishing ahead of Darren Mollenoyux and Cameron Waters.
Marcus Green would take a huge leap, winning heat race number two aboard the Skidmore V71 entry, winning from Domain Ramsay and Tim Van Ginneken.
Bobby Daly would claim another heat win for the year, taking out heat race three with a win over Daniel Pestka and Troy Hose.
Luke Weel would put a big stamp on his 410 sprintcar campaign, winning the fourth heat of the night holding out a returning Tim Hutchins and Jamie Veal.
The W17 of James McFadden would finish the final heat race ahead of the pack with Matt Dumesney and Tate Frost tucked in behind.
Junior Formula 500s Round 3 of Speedweek was a gridlock between Maggs and Pearce right from the outset.
Mitch Saunderson would head things off with the opening heat race win over Pearce and O’Shannassy in a close battle.
Tyler Maggs would continue on his speedweek charge, dominating heat race number two with Aston Rodrigues and Riley Simpson.
Zoe Pearce would return serve in heat three, with a win over Max Bevan and Mitch Saunderson.
Dakota Luckett would make an emphatic victory in the final formula 500 heat race, taking the win from Rodrigues and Simpson.
The feature race would be a nail-biting 15 laps with the rising stars of the Formula 500 ranks heading it out. Zoe Pearce would be the first car across the line driving the Pearce Motorsport V67 in elation. Koby O’Shannassy would finish in second with Mitch Saunderson in third. Aston Rodrigues and Riley Simpson would make up the top five.
The big story of the race seeing Tyler Maggs with a DNF. Putting the Junior Formula 500 stampede series and speedweek down to the wire for the final round to come.
D Main time for the Sprintcars Fireball Derby would take just the top four to transfer to the C Main. Luke Thomas would be the Victor with Brett Smith, David Donegan and Rhys Baxter the final cars to qualify.
C Main finishers would also take the top four with qualifying positions going the way of Tate Frost, Andrew Hughes, Terry Rankin and Rusty Hickman.
With the final chance qualifier taking the remaining six positions through to the all important A Main. Those spots that would be fiercely contested, would eventually be fronted by Carson Macedo taking the win from qualifiers, Matt Dumesney, Callum Walker, Brett Milburn, Tim Van Ginneken and Tate Frost.
With McFadden and Veal across the front row, followed by Corey McCullagh and Marcus Dumesney aboard the second, the A Main was always going to be a tight one.
In epic form, James McFadden would rampage the bullet quick Monte Motorsports W17 from start to finish, winning by a mammoth 4.3 seconds to Jamie Veal in second. David Murcott would park the Downing Brothers S97 on the final step of the podium for the Routleys Sprintcar Fireball Derby in honour of the great Bill Evans.
Avalon Raceway, Avalon VIC
SRA Eureka Series – R4 & SA/VIC State’s Series – Rd 2
A-Main FINISH In This Post
1ST James McFadden W17
2ND Jamie Veal V25
3RD David Murcott S97
Marcus Dumesny N47
Darren Mollenoyux V3
Daniel Pestka S27
Carson Macedo N99
Corey McCullagh V90
Matthew Dumesny N57
Tate Frost T62
Domain Ramsay V2
Callum Walker Q33
Bobby Daly V8
Tim Van Ginneken V44
Brett Milburn V68
Dennis Jones V17
Luke Weel NT27
Marcus Green V71