JANUARY 19 2022
James McFadden is midway through yet another mesmerising Australian season after a stunning display of clinical driving to take out back to back victories in the 2021 and 2022 Presidents Cup Presented by Kubota.
In a shortened race format for the annual Presidents Cup consisting of Hot Laps, Qualifying and then one round of heats, followed by a C, B and final A Main. Proudly presented by Kubota Australia, racing was as fierce as you could expect from the Place for Pace.
The Monte Motorsports W17 piloted by James McFadden would be the fastest car on track overall for Qualifying. McFadden would set a 12.709 in flight number two. Jack Lee in flight number one would be second fastest in the V25 with a 12.723 while Matt Egel would be third fastest with a 12.801 coming out of flight number four driving the S52.
The Chief Racing Team of Cameron Waters driving the V6 were awarded the Best Presented Team award following their sixth fastest time in their flight. The Best Presented award was proudly handed over by South West Conveyancing and Alistair Mckean.
Tate Frost kick-started his Classic week campaign in the T62 with a front row win in heat race number one, over the Sprint Pig, David Donegan from the pole.
Fierce wingless sprint driver, Dayn Bentvelzen would tick off a major sprintcar bucket list item when driving the DKM Motorsport V88 to the top spot in heat two. Bentvelzen would hold off two major compatriots in Marcus Dumesney and James McFadden.
Bobby Daly continued his epic heat race form into another race at Avalon after winning the third heat of the night from the pole position, with Grant Anderson second and Brendan Quinn third.
Matt Dumesney would put on a clinical performance in the fourth and final heat race, taking the top step from Peter Doukas and Cameron Waters.
Rolling into the pointy end of the night, the Main event cards were drawn stacked. With only four crucial spots offered for the C Main finishers to transfer, there were no questions left unanswered. Callum Walker stampeded the Q33 into the B, by winning with Marcus Green, Tim Van Ginneken and Andrew Hughes taking the final seeding spot.
The 15 lap B Main would see multiple fast cars not finishing, those including Cameron Waters, Darren Mollenoyux, Tim Van Ginneken, David Donegan, Jordyn Charge and Ryan Newton. While Andrew Hughes, Jock Goodyer and Tim Hutchins would all not start a lap. Despite a desperate charge, Callum Walker would miss doing the alphabet run by two places in sixth. The four transferees would be Cameron Waters winning from Brett Milburn, Brendan Quinn and Jamie Veal.
With the front row stacked for the A Main seeing James McFadden in the Monte Motorsports W17 on pole and Jack Lee in the General Vee 25 on his outside, this would be a fast launch into turn one.
Early incidents would end the race for Marcus Dumesney and Brenten Farrer, while Grant Anderson and Tate Frost would soon follow suit.
Robbie Farr would make moves quickly to put himself into second behind McFadden with a fighting chance. Farr would continue to lap at the same speed as McFadden however track position and choice of lap traffic would give McFadden room to stretch his legs.
McFadden would come out the other side in front before just dominating the 25 lap Main Event to be crowned President once more. Robbie Farr would take the Saller Motorsport N7 to the podium in second with Jack Lee in third.
A pair of South Australians would occupy the top five with Daniel Pestka and Matt Egel fourth and fifth. Peter Doukas would step up to sixth with Ian Madsen, Jamie Veal, Matt Dumesney and Brendan Quinn rounding out the top ten.
Street Stocks would play a vital role throughout the night as support to the 410 Sprintcars Presidents Cup.
David Barrie would dial the C83 in for the A Main, driving the wheels off the commodore into the top step of the podium. AJ Lawrence would tuck in close but wasn’t able to fire a shot at the leader, Lawrence would settle for second with Shane Ardley in third and Jayden Blomeley in fourth.