Avalon Raceway cranks it up with a class for every taste this weekend. The massive Victorian establishment of Formula 500s will embark on another championship round at the Place for Pace with almost 50 cars locked in across Juniors and Seniors.
The senior Formula 500 class has seen in recent weeks some of the fiercest wheel to wheel racing as almost 30 of the finest go to work to take out the Avalon round. Could it be one of the infamous Rae’s, Brock, Indy or Jordy? Throw in the three Bell’s in Chad, Jack and Jett, and we have a serious pair of families to contend with.
Into the Junior Formula 500s and we’ve seen Tyler Maggs and Zoe Pearce go head to head all season long trading blows from round to round. Could it be one of the other young guns to step up and cause the upset? Like that of Koby O’Shannassy who has found a stellar form as of late.
To continue the enormous Junior contingent, Junior Sedans will also take to the track for the JSPA round featuring over 30 cars across New Stars and Top Stars.
The boys from Mildura are headed to town, Carter Metcalf, Will Shore and Cameron Smith are all making the trek for the JSPA Top Stars to compete against the fastest locals around. The Avalon cars, Fletcher Barron and Blake Glynn will have their work cut out for them to take out the home round.
The JSPA New Stars will see Jake Bradley and Isabella Thornton doing the heavy lifting for Avalon up against some of the best new stars carving up their craft.
Plus, it’s time to crank up those earbuds as the mighty V8 Dirt Modifieds are back to keep that chunky V8 sound rumbling around Lara.
All the regulars have locked in, Tyler and his father Troy Scott have the two family mods entered. Alongside Daryl Hickson, Brett Clarke and more heavy hitters competing for their track championship.
V28 Riley Amato
R-V23 Jess Bedggood
V69 Chad Bell
V4 Jack Bell
V42 Jett Bell
V33 Justin Bowen
V21 Lauren Bowen
V54 Brooke Buckingham
V46 Will Carroll
R-V45 Brendan Crabbe
V71 Kurt Dunham
V96 Greg Dunmore
V50 Harris Holly
V2 Angus Hollis
V76 Jordy Langdon
V88 Ben Mcleod
V12 Brendan Mcginniskin
V27 Jack Nolan
V48 Ryan O’keefe
V58 Max Owen
V19 Brock Rae
V17 Indy Rae
V9 Jordy Rae
V3 Rob Rankin
V72 Declan Robinson
V25 Liam Russell
V93 Alex Ryan
V94 Bailey Stevens
V32 Matthew Turner
Juniors F500
R-V78 Rowdy Andreatta
N68 Max Bevan
N27 Harry Dean
V79 Maddox Gibbs
V98 Jett Hart
V64 Caleb Langdon
V11 Dakota Luckett
V24 Tyler Maggs
V43 Chevette Muir
V60 Koby O’shanassy
V67 Zoe Pearce
V20 Rusty Ponting
V30 Aston Rodriguez
G3 Mitch Saunderson
N65 Riley Simpson
N78 Kobi Wright
N38 Ky Young
Fletcher Barron AV 5
Jacob Tinworth HA 7
Blake Glynn AV 8
Rye Orme AX 9
Bree Simpson AX 10
Carter Metcalf MDA 10
Cameron Smith MDA 14
Will Shore MDA 15
Tamika Simpson AX 23
Rylan Pech HA 29
River Paterson AX 47
Linken Paterson AX 48
Jayden Bryant AX 49
Jack Randall AX 51
Lachlan Bull SH 51
Christine Oliver AX 62
James Oliver AX 63
Maddy Capon AX 66
Miller Throckmorton C 81
Lachlan Robbins T 84
Levi Blake B 88
Seth Sloane AX 93
Tanner Barclay P 95
Billy McBride AX 13
Jake Bradley AV 19
Jasmine Bryant AX 29
Tayla Whatmore B 42
Isabella Thornton AV 45
Zammy Noseda S 52
Will Fallon AX 77
Vic 5 Brent Hough
Vic 11 Brett Clarke
Vic 23 Tony Moore
Vic 37 Tyler Scott
Vic 59 Michael Ardley
Vic 62 George Nappier
Vic 92 Daryl Hickson
Vic 99 Troy Scott
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