FEBRUARY 12 2022
Jordan Rae would prove yet again why he is the man to beat when it comes to Formula 500s in Victoria. Rae drove the V9 to A race lead of almost five seconds back to second, ripping through lap traffic with ease in the 20 lap Main Event.
Jack Bell would be second aboard the V4 while the field would spread out in traffic to Ryan O’Keefe driving the V48 in third.
Dean Ellston driving the T35 would wind up fourth while Will Carroll would make up the Senior Formula 500 main event at the wheel of the V46.
Junior Formula 500s would go down to the wire over their 15 lap Main Event. The timeless battle of Maggs and Pearce would fire up throughout the journey, before Tyler Maggs would find a 2 second gap over Zoe Pearce who would make up the top two.
Max Bevan would storm the N68 up to third, with Rusty Ponting and Blaxx Caton making up the Junior Formula 500 top five.
With a compact little field of New Stars for the JSPA round 4, as all these drivers build their skills and get a better understanding of their racecars.
Jake Bradley would drive his AV19 right to the top step of New Stars with Will Fallon in the AX77 and Tayla Whitmore driving the B42 in third place.
Isabella Thornton took the AV45 to a proud fourth with Zammy Noseda wheeling the S52 to a top five finish for Junior Sedan New Stars.
Junior Sedan Top Stars put on some of the best racing of the night. Linken Paterson led the charge by winning all three of his heat races in the AX48.
Paterson would go on to tick off a perfect evening at the Place for Pace by holding off a fast finishing Jayden Bryant for second place. Mildura’s Carter Metcalf still snuck a step on the podium in third aboard the MDA10.
James Oliver drove the AX63 up to a stout position four with young Cameron Smith charging up to the top five spot in his MDA14.
V8 Dirt Modifieds roared back into Avalon Raceway and quickly it was Daryl Hickson who stamped his name on the night.
Hickson was able to dominate proceedings winning both heat races before finalising a perfect run with a win in the feature also.
Hickson was able to hold off Michael Ardley as Tyler Scott would break a drag link bolt and retire early. Brett Clarke would make the most of this by booking himself a podium spot in third.
Troy Scott parked the V99 in fourth while Brent Hough would finally make up the top five spot in the last Main event of the night.
Giving fans a taste of almost all classes available around Lara’s Place for Pace, throughout Juniors and Seniors putting on some of the fiercest racing in Victoria.