APRIL 20TH 2022
The Annual 360 Diggers Cup is back at Avalon to close out what has been an incredible roller-coaster race season at the hallowed Place for Pace.
The race meeting that pays homage to our nation’s great ANZACs and Diggers that served our country so that we are blessed to live the life we can all live today, and be able to throw down at the Speedway on the weekend.
The Sprintcars will be running as round number 6 of the C&H Sprintcars Limited Series and the grand final of the A Plus Powder Coating Triple Crown Series.
Formula 500 hotshot Jordan Rae will be ripping the iconic VA2 machine in the limited series for his first shot in a sprintcar around Avalon Raceway. Among the 28 contenders will be Jett Bell back at the helm of the V88 who has had an incredible start to his sprintcar career so far.
Jordyn Charge has shown a firm command on Avalon over the years but with such calibre in this final round, it’ll take luck as well as the usual in Charge race craft if he is to take this one home.
Brett Milburn has been and won almost every Available race at the Place for Pace In the past, but Milburn will look to add the Diggers Cup to his extensive wins resume. You can never count out the usual suspects all locked in for this one last time at Avalon this season, Michael Tancredi, Brayden Parr, Brett Smith, Steven Loader, Kyle Mayson, Travis Millar and more.
Speedcars have one of the best lists we’ve seen recently with speedcars in victoria getting stronger by the meeting. Dillon Ghent has really had a handle on the family owned V3 and will be a top notch chance at taking this one out.
Mr Showtime, Andy Pearce is locked in with the iconic V15. Plus it’s the formidable Mills pairing of Travis and his son Caleb who have two of the fastest hot Rods in the nation.
DJ Raw, Matt Papa, Nick Parker and a whole host of the angry little speedcars are locked for the slide job fest that will be Avalon Raceway for the Diggers Cup this Saturday night April 23rd.
Further Details of the event to follow on the Facebook page leading up and tickets are on sale right now at
Shot by Grumpy & Sons of Michael Tancredi at Avalon Raceway
VA2 Jordan Rae
VA37 Darryl Atkinson
VA8 Steven Horton
V39 Brett Smith
V10 Steven Loader
VA48 Shane Stevens
VA16 Jack Van Bremen
VA49 Shaun Lyness
V17 Dennis Jones
VA59 Kyle Mayson
VA18 Mitch Sutej
Q60 Dan Moes
V19 Sam Wren
V60 Jordyn Charge
V21 Ben Micallef
VA71 Andy Hibbert
VA23 Steve McIntyre
VA75 David Donegan
V29 Michael Tancredi
V77 Brayden Parr
V29 Brett Milburn
VA83 David McKay
VA31 Graham Payne
V88 Jett Bell
V33 Michael Holt
V92 Matthew Reed
N36 Eddie Lumbar
V93 Travis Millar
3v Dillon Ghent
6v Matthew Brown
10v Travis Mills
10m Caleb Mills
11v Louis Rodriguez
12t Fred Freeman
14v Daniel Timberlake
15v Andy Pearce
15n DJ Raw
17v Mitch Whiting
23v Luke Storer
25v Matt Papa
39v Nick Parker
72v Damian Bishop
88n Glen Shaw