Lara’s Avalon Raceway will return with the green light this Saturday Night December 3rd for the always entertaining Skip’s Race for Speedcars! Along with stacked fields of AMCA Nationals, Street Stocks and the mighty V8 Super Sedans.

After a weather soaked hiatus from racing, Avalon are back and with a vengeance to make the ground pound along the highway once more.

A mind melting field of Speedcars are locked in with stars from all over set to do battle. Dillon Ghent is always a household name in this category, plus the Mills Boys who live and breathe Speedcars. Along with Nick Parker, Matt Papa, Joe Lostitch, Danny Smith and so many more who could all get around this place with their eyes closed.

Super Sedans will crank up the volume a notch with a few big boys who turn it up every time they race together. Lucas Roberts, Mick Nicola Jnr and Jamie Collins battle each other up and down the highways and are all well known to frequent the top step of podiums. Add in Giacometti, the Harris’, Mackenzie and more, we know the Supers will lay the smack down.

A tidy field of Street Stocks will get around for some valuable track and learning time for some of the big guns to looking to run in cars and bank some confidence.

Wether its a 350 Chev or the reliable Holden 253 motor, the AMCA Nationals can put on a show. The boys have turned out in force from right up and down Victoria and beyond. Wether they’re Frank Thierry and Shannon Hilder from the top corners, or Lodwick from way down south, this is one class guaranteed to impress.

It all goes down this Saturday Night December 10 at the hallowed Place for Pace, Avalon Raceway Lara.

Gates will open from 3:30 with action on track at 6! Tickets are available right now at !


3V Dillon Ghent

6V Matthew Brown

9V Luke Storer

10V Travis Mills

10M Caleb Mills

12V Justin McMinn

14V Dan Timberlake

16V Scott Thomson

22V Joe Lostitch

25V Matt Papa

27V Shaun Walsh

39V Nick Parker

50V Ashley Booker

55V Danny Smith

75V Jack Day

88N Glen Shaw


Scott Secombe RDL18

Tim Hutchison Daylesford 88

Jenson Wilson C88

Ricky Throckmorton Colac 18

Dale Morrison AX13

Chris Hay W42

Leigh Gooding DS41


V1 Mick Nicola Jnr

V0 Lucas Roberts

V9 Trav Ramsdale

V12 Darren Giacometti

V24 Dave Mackenzie

V34 Jamie Collins

V42 Ricky Ashmore

V46 Stephen Hodder

V92 Himmy Harris

V99 Corey Ramsdale

NSW88 Lyle Harris


V2 Greg Firmin

V4 Paul Tindal

T5 Steve Lodwick

V7 Frank Thierry

V8 Stephen Hopkins

V9 Bruce Tait

V19 Kent Davey

V23 Paul Howard

V26 David Wick

V28 Paul Sullivan

V55 Grant Cullinger

V57 Paul Cusack

V69 Shannon Hilder

V97 Stewart Grant Campbell

V99 Justin Richardson