In a quick week’s turn around the Place for Pace will light up the stands in Lara once again following last weekend’s Skip’s Race Feature for Speedcars.

This week, the Eureka Garages & Sheds Series rolls into town for round 3 of their series and for the annual Sprintcars Fireball Derby this Saturday Night December 10th.

Signalling their intention already is some heavy hitting artillery including Previous Australian Champion Jamie Veal, Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Winner Corey Mccullagh, Multiple Event Winner and formidable pilot Lachlan Mchugh, and the likes of Brett Milburn and Jordyn Charge who are always hot on the heels at Avalon.

Previous Australian Modified Sedan Champion Kye Walters will too throw his hat in the ring gaining valuable laps in the Sprintcar after a truly spectacular Sedan tenure.

Locked in for this one also is Brayden Parr, Adam King, Bobby Daly, Dennis Jones, the Gun Grant Anderson, Jett Bell, Michael Tancredi and so many more operators all with the ability to turn a race on its head at any moment.

With well over 30 Sprintcars locked into this one, its a guarantee that the much expectant sprintcar fans will be licking their lips come hot lap time this Saturday night.

Street Stocks are back this week also, with their short turn around a new victor will be crowned this week as Dale Morrison has not nominated to go back to back at the Place for Pace. This now opens the gates for Ricky Throckmorton who was the highest placed finisher last week to go two spots better. Add in the likes of the Glare Boys, Troy Hose, Ashley Fox, Jensen Wilson, Jack Jordan, Ellen Vagg and Mick Hume, the “streeties” are sure fire ready to put on a door banging show travelling around both directions of the place for pace.

Once again, gates will be opening from 3:30 with cars on track at 5pm and racing from 6-630pm. Tickets are available online at or at the ticket booth on race night. We reccomend purchasing on the night to avoid lineups.



📸 All images shot by Grumpy & Sons


Adam King V48

Andrew Hughes V28

Ash Cook VA36

Ashton Mineeff N14

Bobby Daly V8

Brayden Parr V77

Brett Clarke VA33

Brett Milburn V68

Christopher Solomon V83

Corey McCullagh V90

Daniel Reinhardt V36

David Aldersley V64

David Dennison V15

Dennis Jones V17

Eddie Lumbar N36

Grant Anderson V37

Jamie Veal V35

Jett Bell V88

Jordan Rae V2

Jordyn Charge V60

Josh Buckingham V49

Kevin M Reeves V63

Kye Walters V51

Lachlan McHugh VA71

Luke Thomas N15

Marlin Carrigan Walsh VA72

Matthew Reed D7

Michael Tancredi V29

Mike Coad V30

Mitchell Smith V75

Paul Solomon V7

Stephen Spark V32

Steve McIntyre VA23

Terry Rankin VA29

Tim Hutchins T7


Ashley Fox G29

Hayden Glare SH96

Lockie Glare S69

Jensen Wilson C88

Jack Jordan SH4

Ellen Vagg S12

Troy Hose HA57

Mick Hume B26

Ricky Throckmorton C18