DECEMBER 23 2022



Avalon Raceway Lara lights to action once again this Boxing Day for the Eureka Garages and Sheds Sprintcar Gold Cup supported by the Modified Sedan Christmas Cup.

Over 40 410ci Sprintcars will dawn on the place for pace come boxing night to kick off a month of winged madness right across the country.

Warrnambool’s Corey Mccullagh is surely one to envy come boxing night, the former Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Champion will be looking for a streak of form headed back through the incredible December/January period.

Brett Milburn knows how to stand the crowd on their feet around the banks, throw in the likes too of TVG, Grant Anderson, Peter Doukas, Matthew Reed, Tim Hutchins and all the usual heavy hitters.

Avalon will see upcoming stars like Jordy Rae, Bobby Daly, Brayden Parr, Jett Bell, Blake Walsh and so many more, this class is always a treat for spectators especially in that unique race format making for big passes in heat races.

Well over 20 Modified Sedans will go to war for the Modified Sedan Christmas Cup. Matt Gerlach is up among the fastest local contenders looking to keep the honours in the Lara Area. With travellers like Brad Wicks, Lachy Fitzpatrick, Daniel Simpson and the rest, this category is certainly still up for contention.

Tickets are of course available right now at or you can purchase at the gate, but is best reccomended to avoud queues in the sun.

Gates will be open from 4pm with action on track at 6pm. Travelling spectators are urged to plan ahead as traffic is expected to be back to one lane through the tunnel.



V2 Jordan Rae

T5 Mahtia Bissett

D7 Matthew Reed

T7 Tim Hutchins

V8 Bobby Daly

V15 David Dennison

VA22 Leigh Mugavin

V27 Ross Jarred

V28 Andrew Hughes

V29 Michael Tancredi

VA29 Terry Rankin

VA36 Ashley Cook

V36 Daniel Reinhardt

N36 Eddie Lumbar

V37 Grant Anderson

S37 Terry Kelly

VA43 Daniel Storer

V44 Tim Van Ginneken

V48 Adam King

V49 Josh Buckingham

V51 Kye Walters

V58 Rhiannon Burleigh

V60 Jordyn Charge

V63 Kevin Reeves

V64 David Aldersley

V68 Brett Milburn

VA71 Andy Hibbert

V71 Marcus Green

V72 Jacob Smith

VA72 Marlin Carrigan Walsh

V73 Charles Hunter

VA75 David Donegan

V75 Mitchell Smith

V77 Brayden Parr

V83 Chris Solomon

VA83 David McKay

VA88 Grant Stanfield

V88 Jett Bell

V90 Corey McCullagh

VA97 Blake Walsh

V98 Peter Doukas

Modified Sedans

David Barrie C83

Matthew Callanan HL78

Kayla Knox SA68

Kasey Garlick AX62

Tristan Mcgraw CR38

Brooke Ferguson P18

Karen Ferguson L11

Lachlan Fitzpatrick BGO11

Billy Rieck AV12

Matt Gerlach AV14

Lucas Conder Ballarat 9

Jack Houlahan HL96

Mark Deckert HO4

Chris Whatmore Ballarat 42

Scott Angus N72

Peter Angus N71

Flectcher Barron AV5

Daniel Simpson HO33

Dale Hallett NY15

Aaron Bunton NG87

Brad Wicks BGO 17

Chris Rieck AV18

Images Courtesy of Grumpy & Sons Photography