Official release: Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek

December 30, 2022.

So often Avalon Raceway Lara is the difference.

And tonight may well be the same.

The iconic 390m “Place of Pace” just off the Princess Freeway plays host to Round Three of the Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek tonight (December 30) and the points battle is tight at the top.

43 cars are expected to contest what has been a see-sawing competition so far and if crowd attendance indications from the first two rounds are anything to go by it will be standing room only in Lara.

Victorian Jamie Veal and Tasmanian Jock Goodyer’s battle has been the subject of considerable debate in recent months and recent days and now the enthralling arm-wrestle at the top sees the duo tied on points in the $150,000 four-nights-in-seven-days series.

Veal has a win and a fourth.

Goodyer a pair of runner-up positions.

Lockie McHugh has now entered the series contest ring after a stirring win in the second round at Borderline Speedway to avenge a disappointing sixth by his own standard at Murray Bridge.

Texan teenager Chase Randall has been a huge eye opener with a pair of top five finishes that now sees him laying fourth in the series despite no previous 410ci experience and no track time at any of the venues.

He has however done a handful of laps around Avalon Raceway a couple of days before Christmas in a slick afternoon session to run some orientation time for he, the car and the new DKM team he is racing with.

The top ten in points is a mix of Victorian, Tasmanian, Queensland, Texas USA and South Australian drivers as the contest heads to the tricky Avalon layout.

With only two rounds left in the series (tonight and then Sunday night at Premier Speedway Warrnambool) a win tonight for any team is vital.

It’s no longer enough to just score a podium as the points difference in the margin between first, second and then third place in the A-Main is critical.

There is a 30-point gap from first to second and a 50-point gap between first and third also, so the value of 1st compared to just a podium is paramount.

Points breakdown the for round A-Main top tens is:

1st        250

2nd       220

3rd        200

4th        190

5th        180

6th        170

7th        160

8th        150

9th        145

10th      140

Consistency is certainly the key to success in the #150,000 CPV Sprintcar Speedweek and in managing to unlock the vault to the $15,000 Series winner’s prize after Warrnambool Sunday night.

Though they are not in a position to win the Speedweek Series Avalon specialists Corey McCullagh (who won there on Boxing Day Night) Grant Anderson (who won at Simpson on December 27) SRA star Brett Millburn and young gun Jordyn Charge will add significant sizzle to the A-Main victory possibilities.

It goes without saying that Avalon Raceway Speedweek Series expert James McFadden’s addition to the line-up adds another dimension to the competition at Lara in the NAPA Auto Parts #5 and after leading then running third at Mount Gambier “J-Mac” is very determined to log in a win.

Driver entries – December 30, 2022

Adam King

Andrew Hughes

Ashton Mineeff

Bobby Daly

Braydan Willmington

Brendan Guerin

Brendan Quinn

Brett Clarke

Brock Hallett

Brody Appleby

Chad Ely

Chase Randall USA

Cody Maroske

Corey McCullagh

Daniel Pestka

Daniel Reinhardt

David Dennison

Dennis Jones

Glen Sutherland

Grant Anderson

Jack Lee

Jake Smith

James McFadden

Jamie Veal

Jett Bell

Jock Goodyer

Jordan Rae

Jordyn Charge

Josh Buckingham

Kale Quinlan

Lachlan McHugh

Luke Dillon

Mahtia Bissett

Marcus Green

Marlin Carrigan Walsh

Ryan Jones

Scott Enderl

Steven Lines

Tate Frost

Tim Hutchins

Todd Moule

Will Carroll


Jamie Veal                   440

Jock Goodyer              440

Lockie McHugh           420

Chase Randall             370

Luke Dillon                  360

Ryan Jones                  310

Cody Maroske             295

Steven Lines                256

Tate Frost                    255

Chad Ely                      245

Brendan Guerin          245

Joel Heinrich               234

Daniel Pestka              233

Ricky Maiolo               220

Steven Caruso             215

Dennis Jones               203

Ben Morris                  201

James McFadden        200

Brock Hallett               196

Glen Sutherland          188

Scott Enderl                184

Lisa Walker                 176

Grant Anderson          170

Brendan Quinn           166

Todd Moule                160

Lachlan McDonough   156

Braydan Willmington  156

Brent Fox                    146

Keke Falland                145

Ashton Mineeff           142

The final two rounds of the Sprintcar Speedweek are on these dates as the points battle comes down to the wire:

Avalon Raceway

Friday, December 30

Premier Speedway Warrnambool

Sunday, January 1

The Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek Series is proudly supported by:

Speedway Australia

Sprintcars Australia