DECEMBER 29 2022

Night Number 3 of the Clay Per View Sprintcars Speedweek has almost arrived as action is due to commence Friday December 30th at the Place for Pace.

Lara’s home of Sprintcars turns on the things with wings again as the boys and girls of speedweek get set to go hammer and nail for round 3 of the mini series.

Jamie Veal and Jock Goodyer sit on the point in a hollywood battle for the Speedweek crown at the halfway point. Lockie Mchugh is well within reach however, as is Texan Chase Randall who is ready for his first ever look at Avalon Raceway. Luke Dillon, Ryan Jones, Cody Maroske, Steven Lines, Tate Frost and Chad Ely form a formidable top ten ready for the Avalon Assault.

Junior F500’s will also join us on the program as apart of there Gibbtrans speedweek where a host of interstate stars are taking it right up to the local talent

Pit Gates will be open from 1pm with main gates opening from 4. Action set to roll on track from around 5pm.

Tickets are of course available online now at or from the ticket booth on race night.

Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek

Adam King V48

Andrew Hughes V28

Ashton Mineeff N14

Bobby Daly V8

Braydan Willmington N89

Brendan Guerin S96

Brendan Quinn S14

Brock Hallett Q5

Brody Appleby T45

Chad Ely S22

Chase Randall USA9

Cody Maroske Q27

Corey McCullagh V90

Daniel Pestka S27

Daniel Reinhardt V36

David Murcott S97

Dennis Jones V17

Glen Sutherland S20

Grant Anderson V37

Jack Lee V25

Jake Smith V72

James McFadden D5

Jamie Veal V35

Jett Bell V88

Jock Goodyer T22

Jordan Rae V2

Josh Buckingham V49

Kale Quinlan NT15

Lachlan McHugh NQ7

Luke Dillon S81

Mahtia Bissett T5

Marcus Green V71

Marlin Carrigan Walsh VA72

Ryan Jones S63

Scott Enderl S11

Steven Lines Q83

Tate Frost T62

Tim Hutchins T7

Todd Moule NT26

Will Carroll NT25

Junior F500’s | Gibbtrans

G3 Mitchell Saunderson

Q46 Charlie Bowen

N43 Blaxx Caton

N49 Cooper Norman

N55 Daisy Smith

N58 Bailey Carter

N78 Kobi Wright

V11 Dakota Luckett

V20 Rusty Ponting

V30 Aston Rodriguez

V36 Ky Young

V43 Chevette Muir

V49 Lachlan Pickert

V53 Zac Stevens

V60 Koby Oshannassy

V64 Caleb Langdon

V67 Zoe Pearce

V69 Evie Bell

V78 Rowdy Andretta

V79 Maddox Gibbs

WA7 Mikey Green