Avalon Raceway will host the annual time honoured K Rock Cup this Saturday night January 7th for Super Sedans. The event has played home to the Super Sedans and housed some of the fastest Super Sedan pilots the nation has seen over the years.

This year, will be no exception. The car count is strong, but the calibre is even stronger. Multiple National and state champions litter the list including multiple past winners of the K Rock. Pascoe’s, Roberts, Harper, Nicola Snr, Nicola Jnr, Jordan, Collins, Moon’s… the list is long and prestigious, representing 6 states from across the nation.

Super Rods will also join the card with another strong list of wiley operators. January is always a banquet for Super Rod Action and fans can look forward to that clockwise cushion crushing to be expected from the super rods.

When it comes to crushing, no one does it better than the Crash and Bash crew. An epic lineup of mangled metal gets ready to light up the Place for Pace in a crowd favourite event to cap off the night.

Tickets are of course available right now at or from the ticket booth on the night!

Pit Gates are open from 1pm with public gates opening at 4. Action on track from 6pm. Canteen and Bar available on site as per usual.

Avalon Raceway This Saturday Night. BE there.

Ends Release…

K Rock Cup

Nominations (27)

V0 Lucas Roberts

A1 Matty Pascoe

V1 Mick Nicola Jnr

V3 Mick Nicola Snr

W4 Lee Aylett

V9 Corey Ramsdale

Q10 Steve Jordan

V12 Darren Giacometti

V16 Ash Bergmeier

Q18 Brad Pascoe

S18 Dave Gartner

S22 Paul Blenkiron

T22 Callum Harper

V22 Jason Picone

N23 Andrew White

V24 Dave Mackenzie

Q26 Sean Black

V34 Jamie Collins

V41 Ben Faulkhead

V42 Ricky Ashmore

V46 Stephen Hodder

N47 Daryl Moon

N57 Tyson Moon

V71 Lionel West

V92 Jimmy Harris

Q98 Michael Hally

V99 Travis Ramsdale

Crash and Bash

Vic 2 Jackson Basten

7 Bobby Baxter

11 Marlena Argent

14 Zac Leeson

15 Grant Reynolds

21 Nick Hill

22 Willliam George

34 Rick Pedler

41 William Leeson

57 Anthony Sharam

74 Mark Taylor

83 Matt Williams

88 Rob Bushell

90 James Carden-David

134 Jay Nicolaisen

144 Nathan Taylor

145 Jayden Taylor

177 Peter Jenner

183 Dave Barrie

186 Steve Mitchell

187 Bungy Judd

217 Daniel Williams

222 Brad Trainor

227 Steve Trainor

311 Clint Robinson

374 James Marchant

450 Glen Robinson

474 Mark Hebblethwaite

525 Ashley Marshall

666 Kev Hughes

721 Dinky Parker

747 Daniel Litten

889 Kenneth Mankey

999 Alan George

Super Rods

V 1 Jacob Pitcher

Ha7 Tim Ackland

W8 Jamie May

Av10 Allan Pitcher

Av12 Adrian Rieck

W21 Troy Gleeson

M22 Corey Degliatis

Ha23 Billy Grist

W27 Troy Kelly

Av29 Aaron Charlotte

B39 Gerrard Mabbitt

S53 Peter Duynhoven

S59 Michael Coad

S66 George Woolstencroft

Ha69 Daniel Grist

Av75 Stan Marco Snr

Av77 Stan Marco Jnr.

Av82 Bailey Pitcher

Ha96 Dane Court

Images Courtesy of Grumpy & Sons