Summer in Victoria can mean only one thing… that Speedway is in full swing. So of course Avalon Raceway is back into Action again this Saturday night with a full host of Sprintcars and Modified Sedans.

The Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series rolls on for round seven of the championship. Current series leader Matthew Speed looks in good stead and hopes for a clean run of points at the Place for Pace this weekend. Trailing closely is Terry Rankin, Grant Anderson, Chris Solomon and Tim Hutchins in the top five.

Anyone across the field is capable of pulling off an upset including Chris Temby who has been having a blinder with a wing on top in recent weeks.

The C&H Trucking Series kicks off with Round One of their championship locking in a whole host of firepower. This class will provide close knit action with the likes of Charles Hunter, Brenten Farrer, Michael Tancredi, Wingless Gun Travis Millar and so many more looking for that first batch of points for the year.

The Annual Modified Sedans West Coast Classic is back again to provide that panel on panel, curb to concrete action you can expect from the mods.

Victorian Champion Kye Walters tops a strong list of veteran operators. Brad Wicks was fastest last time out at Avalon so he will be searching for a second feature win this year. Along with Gerlach, Simpson, Rieck, McCarthy and more, the Mods are guaranteed to put on a show.

It all goes down this Saturday Night January 14th at Avalon Raceway Lara.

Tickets are available right now at or from the ticket booth on the night.

Standard start times apply with pit gates open at 1pm and Public Gates open at 4pm. Action rolling on track from 6pm Saturday Night.


Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcars Series 410

V2 Jordan Rae

VA36 Ashley Cook

VA4 Carly Walsh

N36 Eddie Lumbar

D7 Matthew Reed

V36 Daniel Reinhardt

T7 Tim Hutchins

V489 Adam King

V8 Bobby Daly

V49 Josh Buckingham

V15 David Dennison

T62 Tate Frost

VA15 Jye Okeeffe

V63 Kevin Reeves

V18 Chris Temby

V64 David Aldersley

NT25 Will Carroll

NS65 William Lucas

V27 Ross Jarred

V68 Brett Milburn

S27 Daniel Pestka

V72 Jacob Smith

V28 Andrew Hughes

VA72 Marlin Carrigan Walsh

V29 Michael Tancredi

V75 Mitchell Smith

VA29 Terry Rankin

V77 Brayden Parr

V30 Tim Rankin

V88 Jett Bell

VA33 Brett Clarke

VA88 Grant Stanfield

T33 Brody Appleby

V97 Harrison Swan

NT15 Kale Quinlan

C&H Trucking Pro Sprint Series

VA2 Boyd Harris

V7 Paul Solomon

VA83 Steven Horton

VA16 Jack Van Bremen

V19 Sam Wren

V22 Ben Micallef

VA23 Steve McIntyre

V29 Michael Tancredi

V34 Brenten Farrer

V39 Brett Smith

VA43 Daniel Storer

V46 Jordan Abbott

VA70 Matthew Symons

VA71 Andy Hibbert

V73 Charles Hunter

VA78 Jordy Langdon

VA83 David McKay

V93 Travis Millar

VA98 Shane Steenholdt

Modified Sedans West Coast Classic

Brad Warren AX62

Chris Rieck AV18

Fletcher Barron AV5

Chris Whatmore B42

Brad Wicks BGO17

Aaron Bunton NG87

Ben Mannix GV79

Bella Rizzoli B18

Daniel Simpson HO33

Lucas Conder Ballarat 9

Matt Gerlach AV14

Darren Cockerill RDL11

Billy Rieck AV12

Wade McCarthy MDA 6

Dale Hallett N15

Kye Walters V1

Images Courtesy of Grumpy & Sons, and Eureka Garages and Sheds SRA Series