JANUARY 25 2023



Ian Madsen soared to victory at Avalon Raceway for the 2023 President’s Cup in his very first President’s podium appearance breaking the Mcfadden winning streak. James Mcfadden was still within reach after winning the previous two years of President’s Cup’s, Mcfadden would settle for third with a fast finishing Jamie Veal in second.

Avalon Raceway welcomed throngs of fans through the Place for Pace gates for the 2023 edition of the President’s Cup. For the first time in years there was a fiercely full lineup of American Operators set with eyes on the prize. Cranking up a relinquishing battle between the Australian locals a day out from Australia Day.

Ian Madsen started checking out the scorecard on the NS4 early in the night. Going fastest in flight 2 with a 13.039 and in doing so gained the overall quicktime award. Flight one quicktime was Corey Mccullagh, flight three was James Mcfadden fastest, flight four saw Grant Anderson quickest and flight five was Brendan Quinn at the top.

Heat one would see Jamie Veal rise to the top in a heat victory over Tate Frost in second and Taylor Prosser in third.

Heat two was won by Ian Madsen who was quickly proving he was the man to beat. Second in heat two was David Donegan followed by Cameron Waters in third.

James Mcfadden drove the D5 the top step in heat three with Brooke Tatnell and Tim Hutchins closest in second and third respectively.

Heat four would see the first and only one of the Americans to score a heat win on the night with Brock Zearfoss getting the job done over Marcus Dumesney and Bobby Daly.

Heat five was won by the young Queenslander Ryan Newton aboard the Q66 in front of Brett Milburn and Brody Appleby.

With just five transfer spots up for grabs from either of the last chance main events, it was do or die for those looking to make amends. Texan Chase Randall had to win the C Main and put the USA9 one step closer, Alex Attard, Jett Bell, Luke Thomas and Marcus Green would transfer through as well.

B Main time put every inch of available surface and some to the test. With five strong international contenders finding themselves in the B, the Aussies had to work overtime. Grant Anderson would go on to take the win with Jordan Rae in trail. Carson Macedo, Sheldon Haudenschild and Brad Sweet claimed the last of the five transfer spots into the all important A Main.

A number of high capacity cautions including a monster ride for Tim Hutchins would slow the momentum of the main event. All while Sheldon Haudenschild would lurk with intent creeping through the field out of the B.

Madsen held sway in front despite speed from Veal and Mcfadden it never really looked like being taken from Madsen. Marcus Dumesney battered down the cushion trying something on the wall and pulling fans to the edge of their seats like a friction ring.

Madsen would greet the chequers after a two lap dash to the finish in front of Veal and Mcfadden in second and third. Brock Zearfoss and Sheldon Haudenschild remarkably out of the B Main locked into the top five. Marcus Dumesney, Brett Milburn, Carson Macedo, Tate Frost and Brooke Tatnell completed the tight locked top ten. Brad Sweet, Taylor Prosser, Bobby Daly and David Donegan were the last of the cars to complete the full race distance.

Newton, Rae, Waters, Hutchins, Appleby and Anderson would all retire without completing the fill circuit.

Street Stocks filled the gaps perfectly putting on door to door action in both directions of the raceway. Morris Ahearn was the victor of a great battle with Mick Dann for the race lead with a few left to run. Despite front end damage and a severe repanelling needed, Ahearn would make the move for the lead and take the win in the Main Event. Mick Dann was a narrow second with Jayden Blomeley in third.

A stunning fireworks display over the Sprintcar podium as Ian Madsen received the silverware would cap off an extraordinary night of action at the place for pace in the running of the 2023 President’s Cup.