Avalon Raceway will string back into action this Saturday night February 25th with a well rounded field to cater for all tastes.

The Victorian Formula 500 Stampede Series rolls into town for round 4 of the season. A fierce field of 30 senior Formula 500s will go to war with big dollars on the line courtesy of Maxam Printing and WMI Feeders.

13 Junior Formula 500s will put it all on the line in front of the big Saturday night crowd as they cut their teeth before the big step up to the senior category.

15 Street Stocks will get after it once again after turning up the heat on their last outing. The ever changing track direction for these guys always brings up a top notch surface and door to door action.

Finally the Murray Atkin Cup returns for round 3 of V8 Dirt Modified action. The chunky V8’s always manage to turn up the decibels in the place for pace and hike those left front tyres.

Pit Gates will open this Saturday from 1pm for crews with spectators gates open from 4pm! Pit walk from 4-5pm and then action on track at 6pm for a top notch night of Winged, V8 and Sedan racing.

Tickets are available online at or from the ticket office on the night.



Senior Stampede Series Nominations (30)

V12 Ashlee Aranyosi

V17 Indy Rae

V21 Lauren Bowen

V24 Tyler Maggs

V26 Bradley Malone

V27 Jack Nolan

V28 Riley Amato

V29 Darcy Giblin

S32 Aaron Cook

V33 Justin Bowen

V35 Jesse Eliston

T35 Dean Eliston

V37 James MacDonald

V46 Chad Bell

V47 Tim Rankin

V48 Ryan O’keefe

V50 Holly Harris

V54 Brooke Buckingham

V55 Liam Russell

V57 Adam Turner

V58 Max Owen

V62 Steve Malone

V77 Jake Hose

V86 Megan Payne

V88 Ben McLeod

V93 Alex Ryan

V94 Bailey Stephens

V95 Dale Sinclair

V96 Greg Dunmore

V98 Jett Hart

Junior Stampede Series nominations (13)

G3 Mitch Saunderson

V7 Hugo Chivell

V11 Dakota Luckett

V20 Rusty Ponting

V30 Aston Rodriguez

V43 Chevette Muir

N43 Blaxx Caton

V53 Zac Stevens

V60 Koby Oshannassy

V64 Caleb Langdon

V69 Evie Bell

V78 Rowdy Andreatta

V79 Maddox Gibbs

Street Stock Nominations

Andrew Burgoyne RDL13

Jensen Wilson C88

Scott Purdie RDL38

Jared Wilkinson L14

Ashley Fox G29

Ricky Throckmorton C18

Matthew Martin Sim 43

Hayden Glare – Swan Hill 96

Tristan Hunt P11

Peter Kinnear W35

Steven Watts W5

David Barrie C83

Leigh Gooding RD11

Mark Purdie RDL7

Jordan Ellifson T11

V8 Dirt Modified Murray Atkin Cup Rd3

Vic 1 Daryl Hickson

Vic 3 Paul Markulin

Vic 28 Matt Reddecliffe

Vic 37 Tyler Scott

Vic 43 Warwick Taylor

Vic 59 Michael Ardley

Vic 98 Tony Moore

Vic 99 Troy Scott

Images by Grumpy & Sons Photography