Saturday, Oct 28, 2023

Avalon Raceway
Official Press Release

It’s spooky season, so it’s time to get into the Halloween theme! Prepare for a thrilling night at Avalon Raceway as we eagerly welcome fans for the kickoff of the 2023/24 season.

The track has undergone a significant transformation during the off-season, with the control tower, commentary box, and safety fence receiving a much needed upgrade.

The Drew family extends their gratitude to race fans for their patience in recent months.

This Saturday night, fans will be treated to the rumble of Street Stocks, V8 Dirt Mods, and a lively line-up of Wingless cars.

The anticipation is high as Leigh Gooding and Ricky Throckmorton, aim to continue their success. Keep an eye on Tyler Barton, who’s traded the camera for a steering wheel in his throwback-themed #94 car.
In the 19-strong field, Jayden Blomeley and Tim Hutchinson are also set to make their mark in the street stock class.

The V8 Dirt Mods take centre stage in the Murray Atkin Cup’s opening round for the 2023/24 season.
The line-up, led by Darly Hickson, showcases a mix of experience from the legendary Lloyd Hobson to the young super star Tyler Scott. Marcus and Matt Reddecliffe will add a touch of family rivalry to the night.
The Wingless Sprints boast a whopping 48 nominated cars for the season opener, promising talent from top to bottom.

Keep an eye on Todd Hobson and Chris Temby, both back from the USA after a busy off-season. The ladies, Renae Eastham, Ebony Hobson, and Esther Thomson, are poised to challenge the boys on the clay surface.
Adin Roberston is gearing up for a busy season, ahead of impending fatherhood in December.

Meanwhile, Matt Tuckett and Jack Regan will look to gain valuable experience in their new rides during this club show.

Travis Millar, Chris Halesworth & Scott Irons are no strangers to Avalon and will be ones to keep a close eye on.

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Event Details:
– Gates Open: 4pm
– Pit walk: 4pm-5pm
– Cars on Track: 5:30pm

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Driver nomination list:
C88 – Jensen Wilson
M57 – Troy Hose
B62 – Jayden Blomeley
SH96 – Hayden Glare
A75 – Troy Polley
S43 – Matt Martin
D88 – Tim Hutchinson
A94 – Tyler Barton
W42 – Chris Hay
W22 – Matthew Brooks
D41 – Leigh Gooding
S12 – Ellen Vagg
MO24 – Dylan Wilkinson
G29 – Ashley Fox
W35 – Peter Kinnear
C18 – Ricky Throckmorton
NY94 – Steven Hardie
RDL87 – Nathan Fawns

V2 – Bobby Baxter
V3 – Paul Marklen
V28 – Matt Reddecliffe
V29 – Marcus Reddecliffe
V37 – Tyler Scott
V59 – Michael Ardley
V84 – Lloyd Hobson
V92 – Daryl Hickson

A1 – Todd Hobson
V5 – James Schneider
VX5 – Luke McCutcheon
V7 – Nicholas Ryan
VX7 – Will Green
VX9 – Ben Moulden
NX9 – Andrew Seey
V10 – Will Scott
N13 – Scott Fitzgerald
V14 – Ricky Bailey
VX17 – Cameron O’Brien
VX20 – Blaine Densley
V20 – Thomas McDonald
VX21 – Ricky Mills
V22 – Craig McDonald
V23 – Jarrod Payne
NX26 – Bradley McCarthy
V27 – Ben Shaw
V30 – Tony Moule
VX31 – Mark Hutchins
VX34 – Adin Robertson
VX37 – Michael Glynn
V43 – Matt Tuckett
VX44 – Glen Harris
NX47 – John Egan
V52 – Scott Irons
VX58 – Jake Warren
VX60 – Daryl Coon
V65 – Tyler O’Leary
V66 – Marc Evans
NX67 – Brocke Argus
V67 – Christopher Halesworth
VX68 – Kim-loong Gosling
V70 – Aron Lawrence
V71 – Leigh Estlick
VX73 – Jack Regan
V75 – Michael Conlan
V76 – Luke Johnson
NX77 – Bradley O’Brien
V78 – David Anderson
VX80 – Andrew Coon
V88 – Renae Eastham
VX88 – Esther Thomson
V89 – Ebony Hobson
VX89 – Christopher Temby
V93 – Travis Millar
V97 – Blake Walsh
V98 – Peter Logue