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Teams / Drivers must nominate via our online nomination platform. trail-nominations/

  • Teams/Drivers who wish to participate in selected rounds or the complete 2024 Easter Sprintcar Trail are required to complete the online nomination form and pay $150 for the series or $75 per night for individual round(s).
  • On-time and Series nominations close Sunday March 17, 2024.
  • Late nominations are accepted up to the close of scrutineering but will incur a late nomination fee of $150 per round.
  • The series management reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any competitor and accept or reject any nomination.


1 Scrutineering Starts 2.00pm
2 Driver Sign In Ends 3.30pm
3 Scrutineering Ends 3.30pm
4 Drivers Briefing 4.00pm
5 Engine Starts 5.00pm
6 Hot Laps / Time Trials 5.30pm
7 Racing Starts 6.00pm


All Times Listed Are Local Times On The Day Of The Race

  • Drivers must sign in by 3.30 pm local time so they can be drawn into their respective qualifying groups.
  • Any drivers not nominated / signed in by the 3.30 pm deadline (local time) cannot qualify any higher than the 8th position in their qualifying group.
  • Drivers within their drawn qualifying groups will be then placed in sub-groups by seeding for the combined Hot Lap/Time Trial sessions.
  • Any car(s) unable to take time in their allocated position will receive one lap at the end of their respective qualifying group and not be able to qualify in the top 50% of cars. e.g. 10 car group would see the car not be able to qualify any higher than 6th.
  • The car must be able to complete the qualifying lap(s) under its own power


  • There will be twin B-Mains for points scorers from fifteenth (15th) onwards.
  • Cars will line up with odd positions in B-Main 1 and evens position in points in B-Main 2.. e.g. 15th position in points will start pole in B-Main 1 and 16th in points starting pole in B-Main 2.
  • The top 3 in each B-Main will transfer into the A-Main. B-Main 1 cars will fill positions 15, 17 & 19 while B-Main 2 cars will fill positions 16, 18 &20 in the A-Main.
  • A minimum of ten (10) cars is required (in each B-Main) to run twin B-Mains otherwise only one B-Main will be contested where the top six (6) will then transfer to the A-Main.
1st $100 6th $300 11th $250 16th $250
2nd $100 7th $250 12th $250 17th $250
3rd $100 8th $250 13th $250 18th $250
4th $400 9th $250 14th $250
5th $350 10th $250 15th $250  

Please Note: If only one B-Main is contested the top 6 transfers will receive $100 with 7th place receiving
$400, 8th $350, 9th $300. All other B-Main participants will receive $250.


  • For Points Scorers 1st to 14th plus the six “B” Main Qualifiers to Rear.
  • No reserves are required for the “A” Main.
1st $5000 6th $900 11th $550 16th $550
2nd $3000 7th $800 12th $550 17th $550
3rd $2000 8th $700 13th $550 18th $550
4th $1200 9th $600 14th $550 19th $500
5th $1000 10th $575 15th $550  20th $500


  • To be eligible for the series prize money the driver must nominate and compete at all rounds.
  • If one (1) round of the prescribed dates is not ran (e.g. cancelled before the heats have been completed) 66% of the advertised series prize pool will be paid only.
  • If two (2) or more rounds are not ran (heats not completed) no series prize money will be paid.
    1st: $7000, 2nd: $3500, 3rd: $2000, 4th: $1500, 5th: $1000



Drivers will be randomly drawn into heat groups. These heat groups will also be used as qualifying groups. The qualifying groups will then participate in a combined Hot lap/Time trial session. There will be a maximum of 4 cars on track at a time. The sessions will be 4 laps. The sub-groups will run consecutively with the order determined by a random draw which will be used across all qualifying groups. Example: 8 car heat. Qualifying group split into two sub-groups; a and b determined by seeding the drivers. A random draw will be conducted to determine which sub-group (a or b) qualifies first, which will be applied across all Qualifying groups.


A one heat format will be in use – 8 car heats; an invert of four (4) will be used – 10 or more cars; an invert of six (6) cars will be used

NOTE: Should entries be lower than thirty six (36) cars, each venue reserves the right to return to a two-heat format. In the instance of a two (2) heat format the first round of heats will have the fastest qualifier starting pole position, second fastest qualifier starting second in each group etc..

The second round of heats will be inverted applying the same inverts as per the One Heat format.

Points accumulated from Time Trials and Heat races determine the starting positions for the B & A-Main(s).

There will be six (6) cars to transfer from the B-Main(s) to the rear of the A-Main. The A-main will consist of 20 cars.

All heat races will be contested over 10 racing laps, The B-Mains will be contested over fifteen (15) Laps. If only one B-Mainis conducted the laps may be increased to twenty (20) laps dependent upon the number of cars. The A-Main will be 30 Laps. There will be no reserves for the B or A Main.

All formats are subject to potential change at the discretion of the management/promotors of each venue.


To split any cars on equal points the car with the higher qualifying position will be deemed the higher qualifier.

If a tie still exists the car with the faster lap in Qualifying will be the higher qualifier.

1st in Heat Group 15 1 12
2nd in Heat Group 13 2 11
3rd in Heat Group 12 3 10
4th in Heat Group 10 4 9
5th in Heat Group 8 5 8
6th in Heat Group 7 6 7
7th in Heat Group 6 7 6
8th in Heat Group 5 8 5
9th in Heat Group 4 9 4
10th in Heat Group 3 10 3
11th in Heat Group 2 11 2
12th in Heat Group 1 12 1
13th in Heat Group 0 13 0

Top point scorer has choice of starting in position 1 or 2 in the “A” Main.


  • Series Points are comprised of the points achieved from the A-Main contested at each track.
  • If the A-Main is not ran and the B-Main(s) are completed each A-Main qualifier will receive half points based on their starting position in the A-Main.
  • If the B-Main(s) are not completed and the meeting is not completed, no series points will be awarded.
“A” Main Points
1st 220
2nd 215
3rd 210
4th 205
5th 200
6th 195
7th 190
8th 185
9th 180
10th 175
11th 170
12th 165
13th 160
14th 155
15th 150
16th 145
17th 140
18th 135
19th 130
20th 125



An SCCA Licence and Speedway Australia Licence is required at all 3 tracks.

All 3 tracks use the AMB Transponder System for the purpose of lap scoring and timing. Hire transponders are available at a cost of $30 incl GST per night. Transponders not purchased through the System Operator at the venue will incur a service fee of $15 incl GST per night.

All Sprintcars are to run effective mufflers at each track, MAXIMUM 95 D.B.A. A noise meter will be in use at all three venues, Avalon, Mt. Gambier and Warrnambool. Any car exceeding this level faces disqualification from that particular nights racing.


  1. If the race meeting is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances before the first event, no prize or tow money will be paid out. If two or more trocks are cancelled out there will be 30% tow money ONLY paid by these tracks.
  2. If the meeting is cancelled before the sixth event, no prize money will be paid out.
  3. If the first round of heats has been completed, prize money will be divided equally between all point scorers.


Tow Money will only be paid to those cars that attend all three nights of the 2024 Easter Trail and cars which nominate on time prior to March 17.

Tow Money will be paid based on Home Address not the Prefix of the Car Number.

Tasmania Maximum Per Car $400
New South Wales Maximum Per Car $300
Victoria Maximum Per Car $140
Adelaide Maximum Per Car $250
Mt Gambier Maximum Per Car $140
Queensland Maximum Per Car $400
Western Australia Maximum Per Car $500
Northern Territory Maximum Per Car $500
International Maximum Per Car $500


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