Official Release: Avalon Raceway

Saturday night Avalon Raceway was abuzz with excitement as it played host to the Sprintcar Great Southern Showdown, supported by B&B Retaining Walls. Meanwhile, the V8 Dirt mods revved up for round 3 of the Murray Atkin Cup.

Amidst a family-friendly atmosphere and a convenient finishing time, all eyes were on Bobby Daly, the top contender in the SRA series.

Daly showcased his continued form by transitioning from the bronze shootout to secure P2 on the grid. Joining him on the front row was pole sitter Brett Milburn, who also maneuvered through the bronze shootout but chose to start from the outside lane.

Despite initial challenges getting underway Milburn and Daly dominated the lead battle for a quarter of the 30-lap feature distance.

As heavy lap traffic emerged, Brock Hallett and Grant Anderson capitalized on opportunities to climb positions typical of Avalon Raceway regulars.

Jordyn Charge made a notable impressive debut in the G&C Forestry VA15, stepping in for the sidelined Dane Court. Meanwhile, Matthew Reed, an eight-time SRA series champion, made a highly anticipated comeback to Avalon Raceway.

Approaching the final three laps, Hallett strategically seized the lead from Milburn, a move he had been carefully planning amidst the challenges of navigating through lap traffic.

Milburn accepted second place, demonstrating his return to form, while Anderson’s third-place finish heightened the competition for the Avalon Raceway track championship points.

In the V8 Dirt mods race, Todd Hobson clinched victory despite challenging track conditions, narrowly avoiding a malfunctioning motor as he crossed the line. Michael Ardley claimed second place, holding off Darryl Hickson for third in the Murray Atkin Cup series.

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