Doug and Dot Drew (Deceased)

The passionate duo of Doug and Dot were 50% of Avalon Raceway and played an integral role in shaping its success until their passing in 1998. Their remarkable journey began with transforming a vacant paddock into the iconic Speedway we know today. Fueled by an unwavering dedication to the sport, Doug served as the esteemed secretary of the VSC for numerous years and was a valued member of the ASPA committee. Meanwhile, Dot’s journey began in race control before venturing into establishing the vibrant merchandise division of Avalon Raceway. Together, they epitomised the spirit and essence of Avalon Raceway, leaving an indelible mark on the sport of speedway.

Norm and Hazel Drew (Deceased)

They were the other 50% with Doug and Norm being Identical twin brothers often had competitors guessing as to who said what, Norm and Hazel also devoted there lives to Avalon until there passing Hazel in 2007 and Norm in 2013. Hazel was in control of catering at the venue for all that time.

Bob Fisher

Bob is in control of the Pit area and has been since 1976 never missing a season and his help on many of the projects at Avalon along the way.

John Shore (Deceased)

John was a friend of Avalon working tirelessly behind the scenes and of course for many years was the voice of Avalon Raceway as lead Announcer and host of the Geelong Speedway show on #gl with the Control tower named the john Shore Tower.

Bill Rieck

Bill is a legend of the local sedan fraternity holding the honour of competing in every season at Avalon since its opening and was lead scrutineer in the early days, with his trusty torona ha possibly won more races hen any other driver and holds the dubious honour of being the 1st ever roll over at Avalon.

Mike Raymond OAM (Deceased)

Mike was involved in helping Avalon Raceway from the early 70’s right through until his passing in 2019. And in fact was the official voice of Avalon Advertising for 40 years and also pioneered the USA Vs Aus sedan test matches and was instrumental in the Steve Kinser Tours.